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Hi, I'm Henrik Bruhn! I come from Denmark, Scandinavia, and I run Internet Marketing Creators.

At Internet Marketing Creators we make a living by helping businesses fill their pipeline with qualified leads that convert into clients and customers. We do this in many different ways, depending on my client and the business involved.


    • Maybe we set up a Facebook Ad that produces a consistent flow of $10 leads, which we then guide into a website funnel to convert them into buyers.
    • Perhaps we set up an SEO portal filled with related articles that garner a lot of free traffic from Google. Then, we place targeted inline advertisements on the site to generate a steady flow of daily leads.
    • Or we may set up cold callers to reach out to hundreds of potential clients every day to generate leads in that manner.


And that’s just three examples; it really all depends on my client and the specific business involved. Sometimes, the right approach might be a TikTok advertisement, while other times, we use influencers to reach our ideal buyers.

That’s why it all starts with you and me having a conversation about your business and what you’d like to accomplish. Now, let’s talk about what sets Internet Marketing Creators apart from everyone else:

Regardless of the solution we offer, we take on all the risk because we build it and rent it to you!

After our discussion, we’ll provide our suggestions, calculate the price, and rent it out to you—no binding contracts, no minimum monthly payments.

As soon as you feel it’s not making you money, you can simply stop paying us the monthly rent. Therefore, we assume all the risk. It has to work for us to get paid.

That’s why whatever solution we create for you, we refine and service it every month. Rest assured, we don’t create “set and forget” solutions because if we do, we don’t get paid!

In essence, if you need customers or clients, we can acquire them for you. We offer a done-for-you service where we ensure everything happens as agreed upon, and you don’t have to do a thing. So let’s start by having a conversation.

You can book a meeting in my calendar, and I’ll see you there:

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