Comedy, music, magic and uhm… Search Engine Optimization!

Internet Marketing Creators was founded by current CEO Henrik Bruhn, who has been active on the Internet since it started in the mid-1990s. Even then, Henrik had a commercial interest in the new Internet, as he worked as a magician and musician.

In 2004, a new agency came in to do search engine optimization on Henrik’s website. He had won the Danish National Championships in Stand-up Comedy in 2003, so he needed a new site to book the show. Alas, it turned out his website was run by a horrible agency.

Festlinjen billede

The agency charged per click they obtained via search engine optimization – so Henrik thought that nothing could happen. His logic was: if they could not get him ranked on Google, there would be no clicks – and therefore no money. Alas, the company used so-called Black-hat techniques that were specifically against Google’s terms of service – and as a result, Henrik’s site was removed from Google’s search engine.

Henrik deleted everything they had made and was indexed on Google again – but now he had decided to learn the art himself. Therefore, he started in 2005 learning about web design and search engine optimization. Henrik launched a number of party-related sites with great success. You could not write a single party-related word on Google without bumping into one of Henrik’s sites and thus see an advertisement (all the sites are today joined in one major site called “The Party Line”, which you can visit by clicking here!):

The Results Attracted Customers

The success was soon noted by Henrik’s network, colleagues, and agencies who approached him for help in creating websites, search engine optimization, etc. This went smoothly, and through their network, Henrik acquired new customers who had heard about the results he could make and who would like if he could help them with this and that.

Henrik’s answer was always: “I can help you with all Marketing on the Internet, and I will create a solution for all your Marketing!” – after this, the name Internet Marketing Creators was the obvious choice.

Since then the agency has grown, and today we are currently three full-time employees and five freelance employees.

Henrik Bruhn
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