Does Your Website Need A Technical Boost? Order An Analysis Today!

Let our software make an analysis of your website. The software will find all technical flaws, and we will send you a complete analysis of your website with all the flaws we found – And its completely free!

Website Analysis

A website analysis will give you a complete walkthrough of all technical errors and a guide on how to correct them. By fixing all the errors you will get more traffic from Google and a much faster website. You will give your customers a better experience when your website is faster, and all your links work correctly!

A website analysis will also check if your website is correctly shown in the big indexes on the Internet (like Google Maps, Bing, Yelp and Foursquare). Its therefore important that you fill out the form with your address, zip, and city so we can check correctly.

One Analysis, 15 checks!

We check your website and send you the report with our findings. We will also include a guide on how to fix the flaws, and why its important to get them fixed.

We check these things:

  1. Your status on the big indexes.
  2. Your status on Social Media
  3. are your site mobile friendly?
  4. Do you use Google Search Ads correctly?
  5. Do you use Retargeting correctly?
  6. Are all your images correctly optimized?
  7. Are your images indexed on Google?
  8. Is your sitemap correct?
  9. Is Google Analytics correctly installed and working?
  10. Are your headlines correctly structured?
  11. Does all your links work?
  12. How are your internal link structure?
  13. Is your website search engine friendly?
  14. Are your videos technically correct integrated?

Fill out this formula, and we will send you the report for free!

We are ready to help you!

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