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Google Ads is always a good player to have in your marketing arsenal because you can go to the places where people are interested in your product, however, it can also go wrong if you do not know what you are moving into.

What is Google Ads and how can you use it?

There are 4 different advertising types on Google: Google Ads, Google Display, Google Shopping, and Google Retargeting.

Google Ads are text-based ads that are known from the top results on Google’s search engine, where they are recognized by the “Ad” label.

With Google Display, these are graphic banners that you may not know because they do not run on Google.com – but they can be found on the Google ad network.

Google Shopping is simply the images of products, with price below, that you regularly come across when you search for “shoes” on Google, for example. Google Retargeting is something you use for people who have already been on your website, it allows you to advertise directly to those who have already shown interest in the company.

Need to be seen on Google?

If you need to be seen on Google, there are limited options: Google Ads, Google Shopping and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), here at Internet Marketing Creators we have specialists in all, and can help you get the results you want.

Why choose Internet Marketing Creators for your Google Ads?

Having a good structured performance of Google Ads can create tremendous growth, whereas unstructured management often ends up in a huge loss. We know how expensive it can be to use Google Ads if not done properly.

With Internet Marketing Creators you get monitoring, constant tests, and optimizations as well as control over the costs. Our specialists provide sparring for budget, campaigns, branding, and general knowledge. We have the skills to make you a successful campaign.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us today and plan the next steps in your project, with Internet Marketing Creators.

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