Everybody uses Facebook and Instagram, and so do we!

If you want to be serious, and get the message about your company out on the largest social platforms in the world, whether it is branding, sales, or messages, then we are absolutely sure that we can help!

What do you get from Facebook Advertising?

You get one of the largest platforms in the world regarding advertising. 70% of People check their Facebook homepage every day, and that means we can reach them with ads that hit the spot!

It is also one of the platforms with the largest optimization and targeting options, so it means that we can easily hit the farmer with manure on his close as the businesswoman in the inner City.


What Do You Get from Instagram Advertising?

Again we are talking about one of the biggest platforms, however, it is more prevalent among young people, and there are incredibly many options in terms of Instagram ads like the home page, stories, etc. that can all be set up for your ad.

Here you often see a quick impact on those who are interested in the purchase, and engagement on your ads increases sharply as instagram users have a “greater” urge to like and comment on posts.

Are you going to start SoMe advertising?

Social Media is one of the biggest and best options for advertising, due to the fact that the various platforms earn a lot on all the advertising space, Facebook has gone from 100% organic content to now only run 5-10%.

Why to choose Internet Marketing Creators to carry out your marketing?

We specialize in the various platforms, we can create everything from content for your ads, to a good scalable structure, and we never accept mediocre ads, we have a responsibility and we live up to that.

When we run an ad, we take it from start to finish, that means, we test, optimize and scale, over and over again. Many agencies put a campaign aside as soon as it makes a small profit, but we will continue to test and increase that profit significantly.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us today and plan the next steps in your project, with Internet Marketing Creators.


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