How To Create Traffic From Telegram

Telegram traffic

Telegram has always been famous as a messaging app globally. Do a video call, send voice messages, images, video clips, files, etc. But even though Telegram doesn’t have a separate application for Telegram for Business, it allows people to make accounts for business.

In Telegram, you can join groups, group chats, and channels, set up bots for your account, and have a one-on-one exchange of messages with your customers. Telegram is free and has no limits, it has no lags, creating channels within Telegram is no hassle and you can create bots according to your needs!

Read on to see how Telegram can help you create and drive traffic for your business. How to create APIs that will benefit your business!

What is Telegram?

Telegram is most commonly known as a messaging app. Safe to say it is similar to WhatsApp. people mostly use it for messaging and it is also accessible worldwide. One of the best features of Telegram and the reason for its popularity among people is that it is safe. The files sent within this app and the messages are encrypted in the application’s cloud.

This application is an excellent choice for those who want to rely on an app with fast messaging and call features. You can also mention accounts, replies, and hashtags. This is in order to to be able to keep the engagement within communities and keep the network large.

Another interesting feature of Telegram you can build bots yourself using basic skills! (which we will dig into later on). Which can help your business in various ways!

As this application is labeled as one of the most secure applications in the world, you can be at peace that this is safe to use for your business. But unlike other apps that claim this, there can still be disadvantages sometimes. It is still important to be careful regardless.

Sign Up for Telegram

To Sign Up for an account on Telegram, here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the Telegram App
  2. Open the Application
  3. Click the “Start Messaging”
  4. Type your number including the country code
  5. Then, click continue
  6. Confirm the verification by Telegram
  7. Enter your full name and birthday (In This Case, your business name and the birthday of the business or any desired date)
  8. Add a profile picture (in this case add the logo of your business)
  9. A tick will appear on Telegram asking you for permissions
  10. Either accept or restrict, and then finish the process

And you now have an account for your business, but what are bots and how do you create one for your account to help your business? Read the next section for that!

Creating A Bot for Your Business

Before creating bots for your Telegram account it is important that you know about what can you do with bots and how they can possibly help you:

What can you do with bots

Create Custom Tools

By building bots for specialized activities, you may improve productivity. include converting documents, controlling discussions, or retrieving the forecasts for the day. You can put bots on forums and channels or interact straight with them to get additional capabilities. In Telegram, you can create custom tools according to your needs.

Receive Payments

With around 15 linked payment services, bots can accept money from more than 200 different nations (Apple Pay and Google Pay). The companies safely handle these transactions, and Telegram doesn’t charge a fee.

Replace Entire Websites

Using JavaScript, Telegram bots may run complete Web applications. This enables platforms that are endlessly configurable and can run anything from internet shops to arcade machines. In contrast to websites, bots automatically offer smooth authorization and alerts using Telegram.

Build Social Networks

Users might be connected through bots based on mutual interests. place and more. Organize gatherings, promote nearby services or aid in the sale of used goods.

Host Games

Developers may design engaging single- or inter-games with HTML5 that let players collaborate or battle for the greatest score.

Integrate with other Services

Authentic Telegram bots are currently available for several well-known sites, allowing users to conveniently browse material inside one app or conduct fast queries utilizing inline mode.

Anything Else

Robots can be built in countless ways, from straightforward scripts to intricate web applications. Telegram’s Bot Platform will enable you to build customized tools regardless of your programming experience.

How do bots work?

Bots can handle queries and information in methods that user profiles cannot, but they differ from regular users in a number of ways.

  • Robots of Telegram display a ‘bot’ mark inside the chat rather than having a ‘last seen’ or online status.
  • Past data may well be deleted by the system quickly after they’ve been analyzed because bots have a finite amount of data storage.
  • Unlike humans, bots cannot strike up a discussion. They must first be added to a community or sent a text by another user. Through its specific t.me/bot username URL, users may look up the bot’s user or begin a chat.
  • By design, bots attached to communities only view pertinent replies (see Privacy Mode).
  • Bots don’t eat, rest, or whine (unless intentionally programmed to do so).

Here are the steps you need to do to build a bot for your business:

  • Open the Application
  • Go to the search bar and enter “@BotFather”
  • Choose the verified one on top
  • Click “start”
  • Click the “/newbot” to create a new bot
  • Choose a name for your bot, it must end with “_bot”

You will now receive a message from Telegram that you are already done with creating a bot, now you still have to do the next steps in order to improve your bot.

Important note: You have to keep the last message Telegram sent you secured because it can be a way for others to control your bot.

Here is what you need to do in order to add a menu and automatic replies:

  1. Go to many bots
  2. You will see choices of what you want your bot to do
  3. Press “start”
  4. Then choose your language
  5. Reply “/addbot”
  6. Now, copy your API token from the messages from botfather and paste it to manybot
  7. When you send it, and it gets accepted, you will get another message
  8. In that message, you should reply with something that you want your bot to message to your customers
  9. After composing and sending what you want your customers to receive through your bot you are now done
  10. You can now copy the link of your bot and paste and post it on other social media platforms

You can now make more boosts as you see the options as you go on. You can choose whether to stop right there or to make a new bot for other features such as new post commands to update the customers and so much more!

Bots for your Business

Engage with both current and prospective clients

Among the cheapest labor tasks for the majority of organizations is dealing with customers. Answering inquiries is a crucial component of providing good customer care. Additionally, you must be able to deal with demands that come up while working.

Utilize a Telegram bot to build a “knowledgebase” that addresses frequently asked questions from your clients. You cannot do it, or if you can, a bot can do it so much better than you.

Produce Leads

Surveys on your webpage can be removed with the aid of bots. They facilitate conversations with your clients. It’s an excellent tool for producing high-quality prospects for your company.

It may be used without any code on the internet and on smartphone platforms. It provides excellent information about companies like HubSpot and Slack.

Free and reasonably priced premium programs are both available. Most small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from using bots.

Improve Services

Compared to real people agents, chatbots are way more affordable and effective. Clients are eager to communicate with them.

These bots have in-depth discussions. Although the language is the main form of communication, they have used rich material like graphics.

Excellent content is important since it allows businesses to highlight their goods. Additionally, Telegram has exposure to 200 million people who use the application, a sizable population.

Gain Feedback from Customers

Clients can also contact you through Telegram chatbots. This function provides insightful data that can help you develop your Telegram marketing strategy. Asking your client for input on a new product or service is all it takes.

Calling is expensive, and if people get called at an inappropriate hour, individuals get annoyed. The mail is nearly usually ignored by clients. A message is an excellent way out.

Save Your Bucks

Who doesn’t want to save money? No on. Telegram Bots will be of big help in this area.

Companies reportedly handle 265 billion customer queries each year. Money invested in Telegram bots enables businesses to reduce the cost of customer care. These expenses should not be disregarded by businesses because they are rarely inexpensive.

AI ( Artificial intelligence) helps small businesses cut expenses by enabling them to automate repetitive tasks. They can grow exponentially chat help during peak AI times. It offers fresh client service paradigms.

Pre-determine the needs of the customers

Depending on a specific customer’s past demands, an intelligent chatbot could provide solutions. Once it has sufficient knowledge of the client, it can begin acting.

Consider a client of an agency who visits Korea thrice monthly for one year. The bot would be able to provide data about accommodation within a few weeks. A warning could be sent a few days before the client’s typical scheduled departure.

It may also pick up information about eateries and coffee shops close to the customer’s location. Of certainly, the client will benefit from that big time.

So it is important to be able to employ smart bots on Telegram, do not just make bots, make them smart ones!

Group or Channel?

You might be asking which is a better forum to make and join in Telegram for your business, is it a group or a channel? First, see what’s the difference between the two and what suits businesses.

Channels on Telegram can have an infinite number of subscribers, while a Telegram group is restricted to 200,000 users only. Every member of a Telegram group may look in on and view fellow participants. while a member of a Telegram channel is blind to other users.

In terms of the aim, if your main goal is to engage with your target market, Telegram groups are the best choice for you. You will be able to engage with individuals in discussion to find out what customers feel regarding your brand, receive feedback, trade innovative faces, etc.

While Telegram channels on the other hand may be used to boost revenue, raise ad revenue, promote products, improve customer service, and more. Having an endless amount of participants and followers will be one of the key advantages of Telegram channels.

So which of the two is better to make or to join in?

The answer is both! Yes, you can do both, join both and have the best of both worlds! That is one of the best things about Telegram, aside from its cost-free, the possibilities there are endless. So you can join as many groups and channels as you want, and you can also create them. By combining the benefits of these two, you can surely feel it in your business!

Here is how you make a channel and a group on Telegram:

You can create a channel on Telegram in just very easy steps.

  1. Tap the pencil icon on the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. There will appear three choices: New Secret Chat, New Channel, New Group
  3. Click the “Create a new channel”
  4. And then you will be asked to enter a name and a description
  5. Choose whether you want a public or a private channel
  6. After doing that, click the check icon on the top right corner of the screen to save all the changes

And there you have it, you now have a channel on Telegram. There are two types of channels on Telegram:

  • Private Channels – Private channels are hidden from public searches and are only available to subscribers. You must get a link to access from the creator or the operator in order to join this type of channel.
  • Public channels – Whether they’re subscribers or not, all users can access public channels.

You can create a channel on Telegram in just very easy steps.

  1. Tap the pencil icon on the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. There will appear three choices: New Secret Chat, New Channel, New Group
  3. Click the “Create new group”
  4. And then you will be asked to add members you desire
  5. After doing that, click the check icon on the top right corner of the screen

Like in channels, there are also two types of groups in Telegram, they are called:

  • Basic Groups

    A maximum of 200 individuals can make up a small group including both users and bots. You can choose from the following methods for including members in the community:1. Anyone from your contacts on Telegram should be added to the group.
    2. Add someone by nickname to the community if they have one.
    3. Provide a group invitation URL that anyone with Telegram downloaded can use to attend.

  • Supergroups
    Any supergroup can be created from any basic group. There are as many as 100,000 participants in a supergroup of course including both humans and bots. The primary distinction of both a supergroup as well as a fundamental group is whether the supergroup is private or public. Supergroups in Telegram are naturally private as designed but are possible to be publicly disclosed.

Supergroups are also still divided into two classifications, whether it is a public or private supergroups. Add members straight from the contacts and other methods are available.

Here is how to join a channel and a group on Telegram:

Joining a channel

  • Open the application
  • Click the search bar at the top
  • Enter the name of the channel you desire to join
  • Choose among which is in the results
  • Lick the “Join” button
  • If the channel you want to join is private, you should wait for approval by the moderator
  • If it is public, you will immediately be joined in the channel and access the features mentioned above

Whenever you submit content to a channel, it is no longer marked with your own username but instead the name of the channel. Other admins can be chosen to aid with channel management. When users join, new members get access to a channel’s complete conversation record.

Joining a group

Joining a group on Telegram is extremely similar to joining the channels in it.

  • Open the application
  • Click the search bar at the top
  • Enter the name of the group you desire to join
  • Choose among which is in the results
  • Lick the “Join” button
  • If the group you want to join is private, you should wait for approval from the moderator
  • If it is public, you will immediately be joined in the channel and access the features mentioned above

One of the biggest differences between channels and groups is that when you join a channel, no one will know aside from the moderators of the channel itself. But when you join a group, everyone will be notified especially your contacts.

Join Group Chats

Joining relevant group chats will also be one of the best moves to do in Telegram. here is how you join a group chat:

  • Open Telegram
  • Hit the magnifying glass icon on the top
  • Enter any topic of your choice, use words that are relevant to your business
  • Public group chat will appear on the display
  • Choose which ones you would like to join

Interact with members and slide promoting your business!

How to Create Traffic from Telegram 

Create Groups and Channels

Telegram communities are a great marketing tool since they make it simple for companies to connect with a wider public. Businesses can make it simple for prospective clients to discover and enter their relevant community by launching a public group on Telegram.

In Telegram, anyone can create channels and groups in extremely easy steps such as those mentioned above. In making this there are things you need to consider to be able to make sure that your channel or group will not be in vain.

First of all, do your best to make a group or channel by thinking of gathering a community that will still be relevant to your business. For example, your business is baby swaddle products, which is your target market? Moms. Now, it would be an excellent idea to create a public group or community that is only for moms.

You will not create this solely because you want to promote your products. That will follow. What you should do is make the beer (which are moms) feel that this community is for moms to be able to feel understood, heard, and loved. And that this community will be willing to help in making the lives of the moms easy.

You can slide promoting your product, for example, you make a post about how babies can move a lot which will cause them to have a hard time sleeping. You can now incorporate your swaddle products. But you should not sound sales-y or desperate. Instead, you should promote and post it in a way that you are assuring that this product will help make the life of mom easier.

Think of your target market, and what will be helpful and effective for them that will still be relevant for your business.

Join Groups and Channels

When you join groups and channels on Telegram, it means you are widening your network and reach. And what does this mean? Promotion!

You can upload content inside these groups and channels, you can always incorporate the promotion of your products and services. but be wise in choosing communities you are joining, You should never join those that are not relevant to your business.

For example, your business is a cosmetic business. you should never join groups only for men or for cleaning services. You should join groups full of women which is your target market. You can always look for groups where your possible customers are and observe how things work in those groups r channels, before making a move to promote your business.

Direct Clients to your Website

When you have set up bots for your Telegram account, here is a great tip. make sure that you are directing them to your business website. provide a URL where they can just click and be able to reach your website as fast as possible. Make sure to optimize the ULR and shorten it.

When you do the “manybot” step of composing your welcome message to your business by your bot, make sure that you include your website link but not in a desperate way. And not in the very first message, but at the end of the transaction with the bot.

For example:

Hope we helped you with everything you needed today! 

In case you need anything more, do not hesitate to visit our website *insert URL) and ask questions or inquire. See you! 

Or for example, you should not let customers perform a whole transaction in Telegra, but instead if they plan on completing a purchase make sure to make the go directly to your website.

Take Advantage of Group Chats

You can join group chats depending on the keywords that you will type on the search bar. And since you need to be able to join group chats that are relevant to your business, it is important you know what keywords matter for your business. This enters the importance of keywords and keyword research. Read this article about keywords and keyword research and how important it is.

After reading this article and after conducting your keyword research, you will know exactly what words to type on the search bar to be able to find the appropriate group chats for your business. And once you did join those public group chats, for sure most of the businesses there will promote their goods and services, make sure you go with their pace!

Content is King!

When you are a member of groups, group chats, and channels, of course, you will be able to post content about your business. When you are a moderator of a group or a channel, you also have this privilege. Now here comes the importance of the quality of the content you post.

Even though Telegram is not a social media platform for posting like Instagram, or Pinterest you should know that the quality of content here matters as much as they do on the other platforms.

Think about it this way, you have a chance to post the products and services you offer on a group or a channel. Would you post something that is blurred? Or something that doesn’t showcase the creation properly? You should not. There will be businesses that will be better than you there and that is for sure. But one thing you can control is the quality of the content you post because this is one of the biggest ways you can create traffic from Telegram.

This will be your starter. You will never be able to bring traffic from Telegram to your website when the content you produce for them to see is trash. It’s like telling the to enroll in a school where you know the quality of education is not good.

Telegram can bring traffic to your website by leveraging its features available to make engagements and interact with communities! Do not think about sales immediately, think about immersing and being a member of groups, and then everything will follow!

We are ready to help you!

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