How To Create Traffic From Reddit

Traffic from Reddit

With Reddit’s users of around 234 million individuals, it is a no-brainer that it is labeled as the top 7 of the most viewed websites today. See how Reddit can help make your business boom and learn what benefits this website can offer you. Given the number of people that uses Reddit, think of being able to reach a small percentage of these people for your business. Isn’t it amazing?!

On Reddit, you can perform advertisements, talk about your business and brand, engage with customers and the community and most of all bring traffic to your website from your business Reddit account. Read this article in order to know more and to know exactly what to do in order to make traffic for your website.

Read on to know how to make a Reddit account for your business and what you can do to benefit from this platform. And find out why it is one of the best websites to put your business to get discovered, get more traffic and make visitors to your business website.

What is Reddit? 

When you hear the word Reddit if you do not have an account on it or if you are not familiar, I know the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is a platform where people share stories anonymously which trends on the internet and is read by a lot of people. Well, that is true. Because Reddit is a community where people can share and discuss anything but there is more to Reddit than just a platform for storytelling.

Reddit is a website where users can share anything, and be in communities built around their desire and hobbies. The contents permitted to be uploaded to Reddit are links, images, articles, or text posts. This one is similar to Quora in terms of how it works. For example, content can be upvoted or downvoted which is very similar to Quora.

Of course, uploading content to this social sharing platform will be your way to boost and make your content appear at the top. Making sure your content is excellent means optimizing it. Because the more upvoted your content is, the more it will be able to appear on top. And the more downvoted it is, the more it becomes.

How Does It Work?

People can vote and discuss the content on Reddit. It is more of a forum than a website that drives sales and customers. Reddit works by giving businesses a space to do marketing only after being able to build karma and engaging sincerely with the communities. It’s also a source of what is trending and new to apply to the business. You can do this when you are a member of subreddits.

Subreddits are small communities or groups within Reddit that are built on different niches and topics. In all topics you can think about, there is always a subreddit for it. There are tons of subreddits on Reddit. Join those that are relevant to your business in order to drive traffic from your Reddit account to your business website.

Basically, Reddit is a website you can put your business in for brand awareness, but it is not easy and it is not all about posting sales content with sales jargon and all that. It is an excellent marketing tool for businesses out there. You have to take time in making sure your content on Reddit is optimized to spark the interests of the viewers and turn them into traffic on your business website.

Also, since Reddit is a website that is not bombarded with social media Ads and paid advertisements this gives the business Redditors (users on Reddit) an opportunity to produce content that is highly targeting the market and hitting the bullseye. So for example, with specific interests and particular niches, Redditors can target their market and lead them to their website.


Keep in mind that you shouldn’t think of Reddit as a platform that brings sales. Instead, you should look at it more as a community. Where your goal is to entertain other Redditors, interact and participate in discussions, answer and ask questions, and share first-hand experiences, life hacks, and other relevant and valuable things.

When you do this and you contribute to the community, then and only then will you be able to promote your business smoothly and use the maximum benefit of Reddit as a marketing tool for your business. In using Reddit for your business, it should start with the right goal for the community, then everything for your business will follow.

In the next section, learn how to sign up for a Reddit account for your business.

Singing Up to Reddit

In creating a Reddit account, all you need is your email address, and the password your desire. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the website of Reddit
  2. Click the Sign-Up
  3. Sign-up through an existing email address or your Apple ID
  4. Enter all the details needed and then finish the process
  5. There will be a box that will ask you to choose interests, choose things that resonate with your business, and think that this account is for business

In Reddit, there is no business account, all accounts are the same and have the same feature. But in making a Reddit account for your business, make sure that everything resonates with your business.

Once you signed up on Reddit, in the right corner of the screen, there will appear a list of  “Communities near you” These are the ones we call subreddits, which are small communities inside Reddit that focus on certain topics. Choose those that are aligned with your business.

Setting Up Your Reddit Account

After signing up for a Reddit account, make sure you build the identity of your business in the first part of the process. To do so, here are the extremely important things you need to do:

Upload a Profile Picture

Profile pictures are mostly avatars on Reddit, but as a business, the account makes sure that you upload a picture that is about your business. The best option in this one and should be the only option is the logo of your business. This is so that the moment Redditors see your picture, they will immediately know that they are interacting with a business.

To upload a profile picture, go to your dashboard, tap the user name at the top-right corner, and then click “User Settings.” After clicking it, go to the Profile tab. In the Avatar section, tap the Plus icon which is on the right bottom corner of your existing profile picture. Then choose to upload either a PNG or a JPG file as your profile picture.

The username is Business Name

In putting the username of the business, do not use complicated names and unconnected ones. Instead, make sure that you are incorporating the name of your business. Creativity and being fun are fine, but make sure you do not lose the identity of your business as you apply these characteristics to it. The usernames of normal Redditor accounts are extremely diverse, some are funny, and the ideas are insane. And as a Reddit account for business, we do not want that. What we want is something that still embodies and represents the business.

For example, your business is a cleaning service. You do not want to use usernames such as “u/clean_for_tonight69” or “cleancleanclean_x3” because first of all, they are not relevant and do not embody anything about your business. If you want an optimized name it should be something like “u/SwanCleaningServices_321” This one has the business name, the underscore, and the number is what makes the username unique and will not be generic and the same as other nicknames.

Make sure that in making your username you think of two things. First, make sure the business name is included, and next that there is something that makes the username unique from others but at the same time is not compromising the identity of the business. You can add it most of the time at the end of the username and is most commonly numbers and special characters such as (_) or (*).


There are 200 characters available to put on your about page, or you can refer it to as a bio. Use this and leverage this to introduce your business briefly to other Redditors who will view your profile. And in doing so, add keywords that are relevant to your business. For example, let’s take the example above again. Since you have a cleaning business, it is important to know what are the keywords that are important for your business. Read this article about keywords in order to know everything you need about them, how to find them and what to do with them.

After finding out what keywords are relevant for your business, you can now add them to your bio, The characters are limited so make sure to make it clear, straight to the point, and easy to understand.

To add to your About page, just click the username and then choose the “User Setting” tab, and then you will be redirected t the profile tab alongside the other tabs such as account, safety, privacy, feed settings, notification and etc. Under the “Custom Profile” column there you can see “About”, you can add the description there to 200 characters.

Social Links

This is where the magic happens! On Reddit, you can add a direct link to your profile to anything or any account you have that is not on Reddit. You can add, social links from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Shopify and so much more. But the best thing is you can make a custom URL, which is best for social linking your websites on Reddit accounts.

To add your website link, all you have to do is click the username at the top right corner of your dashboard. After that, choose the “Profile” tab, and then you will be redirected to your profile. Now in your profile, in the right corner again, you will see your username, picture, and your “about” description which I would like to consider as a business bio. Next, you can see a plus sign that is color gray and says “Add a social link” Click it, and then you will be presented with a lot of social media and non-social media platforms. Such as Paypal, cash app, Spotify and etc.

Now you will choose the first thing on the choices which is the “Custom URL” click it and then a box will appear that asks for a URL or a website link and then a title. So for example you enter your website URL there, you can put a title that also has a limited character so make sure to use every character efficiently.


Link Title: Website Homepage

Website Link: https://internetmarketingcreators.com

Once you entered and tap save, you will be redirected to your profile. And you will see a paper clip icon under your username which contains the link title you put, and when you click it you will be redirected to the link you put in there. Click it to test if you entered the right URL.

What’s excellent aside from you can link as many social links as you want is that you can also link specific pages of your website and give them their respective titles. Leverage this feature! Put everything you can think of in the social links, and link everything you think is relevant to the link. Such as accounts of your business from different platforms that are already present in the choices.

Features of Reddit for Creating Traffic

Here are the features of Reddit that can help you in creating traffic for your business and some techniques on how to employ them in order to be able to get noticed and have visitors to your website from your Reddit account.

Before anything else, here is something you need to know. Reddit might look intimidating especially if it is your first time hearing about it or using it. It might be hard the first couple of times you will try to use it, but here is something you need to know before going on Reddit and making traffic. You have to have the right goal.

As mentioned earlier, Reddit is not a place to sell and post content that revolves around sales and business. No. It is a community. Where people want to be entertained, see funny content, learn lifehacks and etc. If they will buy something, Reddit is not the place they look at. But how can you drive traffic from Reddit if that’s the case?

You interact with Redditors and get noticed because of useful content, and funny interactions, then you will be able to bring them to your website and make them your potential customers.

Here is how you do it:

Search Bar

Leverage the search bar. There is a certain way of searching on Reddit. If you want to look for a community you use this format “r/name of the community”. For example, in your search for “r/cleaningbusiness”, you will find communities named like this. You may join and see what are the contents of that community, who are the members, and what are the valuable things in there.

You will see members posting what is the best software system for Online Cleaning businesses booking. Or best materials for disinfection, the purpose of certain cleaning tools, and of course memes that people love.

use the search bar to look for communities that are related to your business and make sure to join them and observe, see how these Redditors work or how the business communicates work in order to be able to contribute to the community.

Create a community

Yes, you to can create a community and be a moderator. In creating a community, here is what you need to do :

  1. Log In to your Reddit account
  2. Click your username at the top right corner
  3. Choose the “create a community” option
  4. Enter the desired community name
  5. Choose community type. Either public, restricted or private
  6. Check the NSFW tick if there are possible 18+ contents
  7. Click “create community”

And you’re done! Public communities are accessible to anyone and they can even leave comments and see and create posts. Restricted communities on the other hand are also accessible to everyone. But only users that are approved by the moderator are able to create posts. While the private one is only accessible to approved users and only they can see and submit posts for this community.

Choose the type of community you want according to what suits your goals. Here are some things you need to keep in mind to be able to create a good community:

Find your niche

There are countless communities in Reddit given the number of people who use it. And there are countless fields and industries that exist on the crust of the earth. Being sure about your niche is extremely important. Subreddits are communities that focus on certain topics. And if you do not know what you want to focus on and let the members discuss things about then you probably shouldn’t be building one. This is the most important step in making a community on Reddit. Knowing what exactly is your niche or basically the topic you want to focus on as your subreddit. Ensure that it is still relevant to your company. But keep in mind also that you have the goal of engaging with the community and not selling your products or promoting your website as soon as possible.

Avoid Toxicity

The anonymity in Reddit will surely give the impression to people that it is okay to say bad things since no one knows who they are. Avoid being toxic on Reddit, people want to go there to be able to discuss, learn some things, be entertained, and not encounter toxicity. people experience enough toxicity in real life. Do your best to make sure that the community you will create will revolve around positivity.

Avoid Spamming

If your account will only revolves around sales-y content and pushing your products and website and other accounts to the face of the Redditors you will not be able to build a community. Instead, what you want to do is to contribute to communities to show you are sincere about the topics and build karma and not only because you are promoting links from outside Reddit.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

AMA or also known as Ask Me Anything is a traditional webinar on Reddit. It will be an extremely helpful tool for businesses on Reddit to gain and reach a huge amount of Redditors. You will be able to reach new audiences by answering questions about certain topics where you are an expert. Here are the steps you need to take in making AMA according to WorkshopDigital :

  1. Create a Strategy & Timeline
  2. Familiarize Yourself with the Reddit Platform
  3. Read Through Past Reddit AMAs to Understand Format
  4. Create Proof Page
  5. Submit Request to Reddit AMA Mods
  6. Familiarize Yourself with Subreddits
  7. Perform Outreach

In order to host a successful Ask Me Anything and not make it flop, study these tips and techniques!

BUT It is certainly not easy to do AMAs. You need to be able to know the in and out of Reddit, you need to be authentic, choose the appropriate subreddits, and so much more. If you want to host an AMA, you have t take time in preparing and making sure that everything goes well.

Join Communities

You should leverage joining communities on Reddit. This will be one of the actions that will help you get a good grasp of how communities on Reddit work. And how you should manage your account on Reddit. Make sure that the communities you will join on Reddit are the ones that are relevant to your business. You can find the communities by looking at the search bar.

You can use the relevant keywords and apply them or the techniques you read in the article about keywords that are mentioned earlier in the Bio/About section and type those keywords on the search bar to see communities that are relevant to your business.

For example, if your business is a gym and you are a fitness instructor, you can join fitness communities. You can contribute to that community because you genuinely care about fitness. You want to help people in their fitness journey and then you can little by little work your way up in promoting your business. After being able to contribute excellently to the community and build your karma.


Leverage commenting on posts by making sure that what you are commenting on is relevant. And can either help, entertain or make the other Redditors laugh. You have to be Witty, keep the fun and make sure that you are engaging. Do this in the sense that the Redditors will bring themselves to your website because you are boosting their interest in every move you do.


I couldn’t stress enough how important making great contents are in Reddit! There is no other way! Get noticed through your content. Take time to formulate excellent, interest-sparking, funny, and engaging content.

This is an example of one of the layouts from Reddit:

“Dirty Home? Dirtier Mind? We Do Both.” 

This is the tagline of the business, this is the caption of the post, and the first thing to notice. As you see the layout there are the things you will see further:

Bare Boy Cleaning Services

Low Price

Experienced Cleaner

With A Huge Uhm…


And then at the bottom part of the layout, it gave the e-mail address of the business. Then had a note that says “Serious Inquiries Only)

This is an example of excellent content! It did not immediately promote the business in a very desperate way, instead, it made the readers laugh (if you did not, I don’t know what will make you) First, they engaged with the customer by getting their attention using a good tagline, next they went on being funny and then they are making lowkey green jokes and then proceeded to promote the business.

Good content which is funny and engaging is the key to making your business noticed on Reddit. When you have excellent content you will never need to force a thing on people. They will voluntarily be intrigued by your business.

When you have good content and every single action you do on Reddit intrigues Redditors, especially your potential customers or target market, they will bring themselves to your website without you forcing anything. Make sure you have the right goal before entering Reddit for your business.



This is a way on Reddit to express the Redditors’ support for content. It is also a measuring tool for how many people liked a certain post. It is very similar to liking or heating content on other social media platforms. But upvoting on Reddit is the way to make content move to the top.


Downvoting is the opposite of the Upvoting. This is the way Redditors express their dislike about a post or content. And this will cause the content to move down from the site. Rank lower and most likely not be seen as much.


Reddit karma reflects your grade and is calculated by adding your upvotes and downvotes. Karma does have some useful advantages. For example, enabling you to create your personal subreddit. Another is accessing certain unshared communities, but credibility is what matters greatly.


Ask Me Anything on Reedit is a Q&A session created to connect to subreddit knowledgeable individuals. This can be hosted by any Redditor, you do not have to be famous to be able to host an AMA. This is a tradition on Reddit.


NSFW means Not Safe For Work. This is shown when posting online content which should only be viewed in private. Since it includes sensitive content, such as images of nude bodies, that might be objectionable.


Subreddits are communities on Reddit that are focusing on different topics. There are tons of subreddits that exist on Reddit. Basically, subreddits are what makes Reddit Reddit.

Make Excellent content, contributing to the community by commenting on relevant things. And helping people is equal to getting noticed and getting traffic for your business website.

Excellent Content+Goal to Make Community Contributions+Engage Through Comments=Traffic 


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