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Instagram traffic for business

Did you know that there are 200 million+ businesses on Instagram? And it had two billion active users, and it has since maintained a stable growth rate. Maybe your business is the only one that isn’t on Instagram. Considering all these numbers, what are you waiting for? Put your business out there on Instagram!

Instagram is one of the most famous platforms in the world today, it can help your business grow in so many ways. On IG, you can market your business for free, and upload content and high-quality photos. You can also interact with customers, promote your products using reels and so much more!

Read further to see how much  Instagram can help your business grow for free!

What is Instagram?

Facebook acquired Instagram, an available internet photo-sharing service and social media network, in 2012. Instagram users can access, upload, and share still images and short videos through the mobile app. Individuals may add a caption to each posting in addition to using geotags and hashtags to index their information and make it searchable by other app users.

There are many user-friendly features on Instagram, including filters, video posts, Instagram photo stories, story highlights, Instagram story videos, Instagram live, AR (Augmented Reality) filters, and IGTV. You can also contact people on Instagram, you can chat, go live, video call, voice call, and even send voice messages, photos, and videos. Numerous people from all around the world utilize this social media platform. You can utilize it for your business too!

In the next section of this article, you will see the types of Instagram accounts and what suits you best for your business!

Types of Instagram Accounts

There are 3 types of accounts on Instagram, the personal or individual, the creator, and the business account.

Personal Account

The sole purpose of a private Instagram account is for personal usage. This hassle-free option is excellent for people who use Instagram solely to communicate with their relatives and colleagues and share whatever they like.
People who just want to have fun and communicate with others on the site should choose this profile category. It is where Instagram’s clean roots initially appeared.

A personal account has the advantage of being both private and public, and it has all the capabilities you need, such as the capability to post on Feed, Stories, and IGTV. You can also link it to a few Facebook Pages or nothing at all, and if it is set to access, you can request verification. The lack of insights and statistics, the inability to monetize, the lack of contact information, and the limited number of functions are some drawbacks.

Creator Account

The latest character on the block is Instagram’s newly released Instagram creator account. Creator profiles are useful for many types of content creators, including influencers and very well public figures. It has a personal profile over it and a business account below it. In order to further distinguish between normal users, influencers, and companies, Instagram made a sensible choice when it introduced this account category. As a result, influencer-brand partnerships and branded content are easier to build and manage, which not only increases Instagram marketing and sales openness.

This will be the account kind for you, whether you are a content creator, a well-known person, or an influencer, as was already said. It is great if you want to grow your account and increase your Instagram visibility.

If you intend to monetize your material or collaborate with brands, you need this current account. Use the insights to learn more about the content that is performing well on your fans’ accounts and that they are interested in.

One of its shortcomings is that this form of account cannot be kept private. It doesn’t really hurt, though, because no one creates a record of this sort with the goal to keep it secret.

Business Account

Business accounts, which are the most closely related to creator accounts, provide the strongest features for brand management, sales, and marketing. If your brand has a business page, it will seem more trustworthy, accomplished, and established. It also acts as a location where clients may examine and contact your business and an additional point of contact for your enterprise.

Due to a business profile, having a powerful Instagram presence will help your brand and company expand.

You need this kind of account if your company sells products and/or services and you want to utilize Instagram as a tactical tool.

If you want to utilize Instagram for advertising or promotional posts, you must also create a business profile. It is also helpful when working with producers or influencers. You have the ideal opportunity to learn more from the insights on the content that is connecting with and engaging with customers on your account, which will help you build your brand.

You commitment-phobic people out there are in luck since switching between the three is easy, letting you experiment until you find the profile that suits you the best. But take care, as you will cut off access to your analytics and the campaign content if you switch back to a personal account.

If you own a business account, you may access analytics and insights unique to your industry regarding the effectiveness of your account’s content, activity, and audience. Additionally, you can choose a category for your business by running adverts with your company’s name and contact information.

The ability to reference products in posts using Instagram Shopping is another benefit. Create direct message filters and quick replies to better manage your direct messages and stay in touch with your customers.

Having access to Creator Studio on a computer, managing payments for promotions and content, and using tools for partnerships. Regular users should use personal accounts, creators should utilize creator accounts, and businesses should use business accounts.

How To Convert/Make A Business Account

In making a new Instagram account for business if you do not have one yet, you should first make a personal one and then set it as a business account. And if you already have one, you should also change the settings and choose a business account.

Here is how to do it : 

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top of your profile page “≡”
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Choose “Account”
  4. Click the “Switch to Professional Account” tab
  5. Tap “Continue”
  6. Choose a Category for your business and tap “Done”
  7. Then click the “OK” button
  8. Finally, choose “Business”
  9. Click “Next”
  10. Enter your contact details or skip this step.

Features Of Instagram That Will Help Your Business!


Instagram reels are a unique approach to uploading and searching for funny, short snippets on the platform. Reels now enable you to create interesting videos that you can upload to Instagram and share with your friends or anybody else. With the use of modern artistic instruments, audio, and effects, 15-second multi-clip videos can be recorded and edited.

As a business owner, you can use this as a marketing tool for your business. For example, you own a cosmetic business and you just had your new arrivals. Since there are so many products and it takes time to take pictures of them one by one in good lighting and all that stuff. You can use reels to let the customers know immediately that you have your new arrivals today and they can order online as early as now.

Another example is if you own a thrift clothing store, you can make a reel of your products. For example, denim wide-legged pants and jackets, and crop tops. Make it one second per product and the beat of the change of product goes at the same time as the audio’s beat. So that when the customers saw something they like, they will immediately visit your Instagram page or your website.

Use popular sounds, and good camera angles, and explore the editing tools of Instagram reels. It is easy to use and can make excellent 15 second-videos if done right!


Ah! The iconic IG Story feature. Stories on Instagram are very easy to make, there are two types of stories you can do on Instagram, video and photo stories.

But these stories self-disappearing after 24 hours of being on the story. It will automatically disappear after 24 hours but will still be in the “Archives” section of the Instagram account where only you can see it.

Originally, Instagram did this feature for users to be able to share their “day” on Instagram, where they went, what they did, what they ate, etc. But as a business owner, you can leverage this feature by putting everything about your products in the stories that you think your customers and followers need to know.

What’s amazing about Instagram stories is that you can do so much. For example, you can have a poll on a story. You can ask a survey among your followers, which color palette should you use for the next collection or what type of product would they want you to release. There is also a feature where you can make them rate something. For example, ask them to rate a sample of a product you are about to release next collection, there is a scale where they will move how much they like or do not like it.

You can also mention accounts on IG stories. For example, for everyone who orders from your business, you can take a photo of their order and stage them on a story for a customer appreciation post. Or, if you have a collab with an influencer or a shop, you can mention them in stories as well. Isn’t it amazing?!

It’s also very easy to create an Instagram story. Open the Instagram app, then tap the upper left-hand corner of your profile photo. Select an image filter and capturing mode. Use the camera to take a picture or a movie, or add anything from your collection. After editing your image or video, simply tap “Your Story” to finish. Now for the next 24 hours, your followers can watch your story.

Pinned Post 

Pinned post on Instagram is like any other pinned posts on different platforms too. The concept of the pinned post feature is to make sure that when someone visits the account, the pinned post is the first thing they will see.

For example, you can pin your newest products on your feed so that whenever people visit your IG account they will see what are the newly available ones. You can also pin, announcements, giveaways, coupons, gift cards, or whatever you need.

Good thing is that you can change the pinned posts from time to time and it is very easy to do. To pin a post on Instagram, just click on it and hit the three tiny dots in the top right corner. A menu with options like “Archive” and “Edit” will start to appear. To “Pin to your profile,” click. Bingo!

Story Highlights 

This is very similar to the pin post feature but this one has its spot, and the pinned posts are located on the feed. The Instagram highlights are located between the name and the feed.  These are called highlights because they are originally designed for the users to showcase what they want to show immediately. Highlights are like the pinned post but in Instagram story form.

One of the great things about highlights is you can name them. For example, if a user went to Bali, Indonesia, they can name their highlights “Trip to Bali”.

But mostly, highlights are past significant happenings on the account. So for example you can name a highlight “Soft Opening” and it’s back to when you first started, that would be excellent to give this touch of history about your business. OR something like “Our Story” contains slides of photos or videos from when you were still starting a business.

As a business owner, you can use this as a tool to showcase your products. For example, you can name a highlight “New Arrivals” or “Best Sellers”. So that the visitors will also immediately see what they want to see. You can also update and change the settings of your highlights so you can also use them for collection, etc.

It’s very easy to make a highlight. Just view the current story, and tap on it. Tap the Highlight option at the bottom. To create a new Highlight, press the plus sign, type in the new Highlight’s name, and hit the blue Add buttons. Boom! You got your highlights and they will immediately appear on your profile.

Direct Messages 

This is one of the most important features of Instagram because this will be your bridge to reaching more customers.

Instagram direct messages are a fantastic method to express gratitude for a customer’s purchase, answer inquiries about your products, or quickly settle a disagreement before it becomes heated. Customers can feel like they’ve received excellent service by having a private discussion with you via direct messaging on IG!

Instagram Direct Messages are a valuable customer care method. In addition to giving businesses a choice of client communication channels, social media also enables them to forge devoted communities, enhance their public image, and produce new leads and increased sales.

You can use this as a means to get reviews from your customers, ask them how satisfied they are with your products/services, ask them what things they think your business can improve in and what are their favorite parts of the transaction.

Having a personal touch in interacting with your customers is such an edge. They feel valued and they get excellent customer service, that they are important enough to be talked with personally and not just a chatbot.

Instagram Feed 

On Instagram, photos are very important!

With over 1 billion active users as of today, every business should have a carefully designed Instagram account. For your followers, a well-curated Instagram feed is similar to a digital mood board. In just a few seconds, it provides consumers with a sense of what your brand is all about.

In addition to helping you increase your following, setting the correct tone for your brand’s values and personality through your feed will help you draw in your target client.

Imagine you are a potential customer that wants to buy something and as you scroll on Instagram you found two stores that have the items you need/want. One has an excellent feed, and one looks like the owner didn’t care about how the feed will look, it’s all over the place. But the quality is very similar, which store will you buy from?

See? That is the power of a good feed on Instagram.

Therefore, how do you design a flawlessly curated feed?

What’s more, does it truly make a difference?

1. Choose your “Aesthetic”

In addition to being physically appealing, a distinctive and consistent Instagram style may significantly increase brand awareness and financial success. It will assist your fans in easily recognizing your material when it comes to their feed and will reflect the voice and personality of your brand. You have to determine the aesthetics of your brand to be able to have a feed that aligns well with your brand.

The first step in having a curated feed is having a vision. Ask yourself.

What do I want my feed to look like?

What mood do I want to give the customers?

Is it aligned with my brand?

Do I want it to be the identity of my business?

Can I achieve it and be consistent with it?

Then, when you figured it all out, try and start doing the first 3 posts with your vision in mind. Adjust as you go on until you find what suits your brand best. Do not rush, it takes time to know what is really for you. Especially amongst all the endless possibilities of aesthetics in the Instagram world.

2. Consistency is Key

It’s your future and possible followers (your potential clients) who view your feed and choose whether to follow you based on its general aesthetics and consistency.

It is impossible to stress the importance of consistency on Instagram. By maintaining a consistent publication schedule, high-quality content, filters, etc., you’re essentially letting your followers know what to expect from you. It provides a unified experience for your viewers. Posting more regularly will also increase your Instagram engagement.

When you are at this point, there is a big chance that you have already decided what aesthetics you want to apply to your business feed. Now, do it consistently. That’s why you took your time on figuring out what aesthetics you want t have on your feed, now apply it, and be consistent with it.

You do not want only half of the feed to be aligned and the rest is all over the place. Aside from it doesn’t look good, this also affects your business. Remember that the feed reflects the business. It will make your business look unprofessional and you do not want that.

So do your best to be consistent in terms of quality, filters, content, angles, time of posting, etc.

3. Quality is King

Even anywhere else, quality is king!

But Instagram users are very particular about quality. It is almost an unspoken rule that any picture that is uploaded on Instagram should be high quality, regardless of the type of account you have, what more are the business accounts?

When you have a business account that showcases your brand, best believe that it is the bare minimum to make your photos and videos high-quality.

You can’t have a good feed if you do not have quality photos and videos, no matter how much you follow your aesthetics and the rules.

Makes sure that all the materials you use for your business are high-quality and pleasing to the eye.

Keep in mind that on Instagram, what pleases the eye, wins!

How To Optimize Your Instagram Business Account

Optimizing your Instagram Account will be a big edge for your business! Aside from it will drive traffic to your account, and it will also result in more followers. Therefore more customers mean more profit. Because consumers are 10 times more likely to interact with brands on Instagram than they are on Facebook or Twitter, businesses rely on social media sites. However, to fully realize Instagram’s potential, it’s crucial to build an Instagram profile that effectively draws in people from the target market.

Step 1: Pick a Username That Is Easy to Remember, Recognize, and Find.

Asa business should have a creative and fun username, you have to consider that it should also be not complicated. People will not spend more than 15 minutes finding your shop no matter how much they like your products.

For example, if your business name is Cookie Monster, you should not make a username like @465*cookiemonster or @cookie007monsterrrr. It will create confusion for the customers/searchers. The best is to use something like @cookimonster or @cookiemonsterig. Not complicated, easy to find, remember and recognize.

Step 2: Use a branded Instagram profile picture.

Your username is set up and optimized, but if your profile picture is an anime or some model, it’s a no. It will again give confusion for the searchers and they will not be sure if it’s your account or not because the profile picture doesn’t match the name.

Even your profile picture should be optimized, if your business is cookies, it should at least be an excellent shot of your products or best, the logo of your business.

Every individual who views your Instagram page is initially drawn in by your profile photo. Additionally, it will be shown next to each comment and post you contribute.

It needs to be distinctive and expressive of your company. Aim to have the same profile photo across all of your social media accounts. Your brand’s presence will be strengthened by this consistency.

Step 3: Compose an Interesting and Informative Bio.

The best thing to do here is to add the tagline of your business as a bio. Do not ever put random stuff in your bios such as flags, status, or emojis. Be sure your bio is aligned with your business. For example, you can put the link to your website, your accounts on different platforms, and the tagline of your business.

Here is an example of a well-optimized bio:

  • Business name: Cookie Monster
  • User name: @cookiemonster
  • Bio: Every day is Cookie day! FB: Cookie Monster, TikTok: @CookieMonster, (Website link)

Step 4: Put call-to-actions!

Every website should have a call to action. Waypoints that direct visitors to the next step include links and buttons with calls to action. Without clear CTAs, users can have trouble understanding how to buy a product or sign up for a service.

You can put CTAs in your captions for every post, story, highlight, etc. You can use terms such as “Buy now, limited stocks only!” or “Grab yours while stocks last!”

This type of CTAs will entice the buyers to act because the words are convincing them to act.  If not, there will be consequences such as the products might run out and nothing will e left for them. Leverage CTAs and use it as much as possible, they are powerful tools for sales!

Step 5: Post your profile online

Post your IG profile on different social media platforms for more traffic.  Today, social media platforms are interconnected, they strengthen each other and promote each other.

  • FB: Cookie Monster
  • TikTok: @CookieMonster
  • Instagram: @cookiemonster
  • Twitter: @Cookiemonster
  • Website link**

Post on one account the other usernames of each other, and vice versa. So that people will be able to check and see easily the different accounts for platforms your business has.

How to Grow Your Following

Use Instagram Reels – The social society of today will notice you more if you use more videos in your feed. Your choice of video content is entirely up to you. You can share vlogs, Q&As, product videos, and brand storytelling films.

Take existing followers behind the scenes – The need for behind-the-scenes content is high. They have the idea that they are learning more about the “real” person behind your company. because it encourages transparency. Continually seeing product images fosters trust and offers a refreshing change of pace. It’s not necessary for content from backstage to be as perfect as some of your other images. Therefore, a lot of companies prefer to save their backstage content for their Stories.

Announce new products/business milestones – Your clients are with you on this business, make sure they are updated not only with the products, new releases, etc. Also with the milestones of the business because everyone wants to feel like they’re in the know about a business they support. This gives you more inspiration on what to post on the platform and motivates users to follow you.

Inspire followers with a quote – Leverage the quotes to connect to your products and use them as encouragement. For example, if your business is lipsticks, you can have a layout that has the quote “You are beautiful in your way!”. And then under the quote is a photo of your lipstick. And the shade of the lipstick is “Your Way” and it is written in the tube or maybe in the caption. You reminded them about how beautiful they are today. Also, you let them know that you have that shade and they can buy it.

Provide video tutorials – Sometimes, there are products that people do not immediately know how to use when seen online. So providing tutorials about your products will make an impression that you care about the potential customers. This will lead them to follow and probably be a customer. An interactive Instagram account that genuinely cares for its viewers may be regular customers. Or just potential ones will not have a hard time gaining followers because they feel it.

Partner with influencers for content – Collaborations with influencers that can promote your products and whose followers are aligned with your business are an excellent way to gain followers. For example, you can send the influencer a packet in exchange for them promoting your business. Influencers have a great impact because their followers ask everything about them. Where they got their clothes, make-up, the tea they drink, skincare, the food they eat and so much more. Choose someone whose followers are aligned with your brand. Approach them to make a deal and gain more followers.

Go Live! – Going live is one of the best features on Instagram right now, you can answer the questions of the customers at once and be able to address concerns about the business. Also, you can do live selling, which is very popular these days, going live to sell your products. Where people can ask you to flex what products you have and what they are looking for in particular. If an IG account goes live consistently, the followers will be notified, so set a consistent time for going live. And when viewers who do not follow you become interested, then they will follow you to get notified.

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