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Twitter traffic for business

Around 290.5 million people used Twitter every month around the world, and by 2024, that number is expected to reach over 340 million. Twitter continues to be one of the top social networks in the world and a well-liked marketing platform. Though it is a little behind in numbers with other media, what separates it from others is that when it trends, it trends! Like if an event, person, hack, or product trends on Twitter it is almost impossible that Twitter users will not know about it. Then what’s a better thing to do than use Twitter for your business?

6,000 Tweets are seen on Twitter per second. This illustrates how frequently individuals use it as a place for conversation. Twitter allows your business to stay informed about what’s going on around the globe. Learn about current trends and what’s the latest. It’s also a terrific technique to assess the public perception of your company.

Do you know who’s there in that sizable, attentive crowd? Your prospective customers and clientele! If they use Twitter, then your company or brand should too. So read more to see how Twitter can help with your business!

What is Twitter? 

Twitter is one of the best sites for following the hottest conversations and trends. It enables you to learn more about what people are viewing on TV, their participation in social media challenges, and other things. You could already regularly use Twitter to follow your favorite companies and join hot discussions.

On Twitter, users can follow their favorite icons and be updated about their “Tweets”. Any message uploaded to Twitter that includes text, images, videos, and links is known as a tweet. To post the update to your profile, click or tap the Tweet icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

More than simply customers and clients use Twitter.

If TikTok specializes in videos, Facebook in reach, YouTube in video content, Instagram in photo and feed, well Twitter specializes in Tweets and the latest!

The benefits of growing your Twitter audience for your business go far beyond just giving the impression that it is more well-known. It makes it easier for potential customers to believe in your company. Your standing in your sector has been established. It communicates that you’re a brand that means business to your customers, future customers, and even competitors.

Types of Account 

There are two choices: creator or business. According to Twitter, brands, retailers, service providers, and organizations should use the business account, whereas celebrities, artists, and influencers should use the creator account.

A personal Twitter account is just for you and has nothing to do with a company or organization. Your daily habits, opinions, tastes, and personality are reflected in them. A business account, on the other hand, is for your business, charity, or blog. The kind of stuff you can share is restricted.

So obviously, you need a business account for your business!

Establishing your brand and company presence on Twitter is crucial. Your profile is your chance to make a strong, favorable first impression because first impressions matter. Your profile should accurately reflect the goals and values of your company and compel potential customers to follow you.

Here is How To Create A Twitter Business Account:

  • Step 1: Sign Up on Twitter
  • Step 2: Enter Your Name and Phone Number
  • Step 3: Log In
  • Step 4: Switch Your Username to Your Business Name
  • Step 5: Edit The Details

And you’re done! Now, you are up to setting up your Twitter Business Account properly for optimization!

Optimizing Your Twitter Account 

Journalists, bloggers, and influencers are also on the lookout for the brand, fan, and company story ideas, so you want to make sure your business appears when they conduct searches in your industry.

Not to mention the vibrant customers who use Twitter to share their ideas, worries, and complaints. If a discussion about your brand begins, you should keep an eye on it, join in, and guide it.

To optimize your account, you will need to put a little more attention to the following things:

Your Profile and Header 

Select a profile picture that effectively communicates your identity and will fit in the small, circular area that generally houses your logo. This is the symbol linked to each Tweet you make; it’s not simply on your profile. The suggested size is 400×400 pixels.

Your header image ought to be a dynamic billboard advertising the latest developments. This may be a fresh photoshoot that perfectly captures your current feel, an impending launch or campaign, or both. In order to keep things exciting and new, update it every three months. 1500×500 pixels is the suggested size.

Consider designing a secondary logo that will work for Twitter and other social media profile images if your primary logo has a lot of content or doesn’t display well in the little space for your profile image.

Consider the color, the image size, and how it will appear on a mobile device. Ensure that both images are crisp, of good quality, and maintain visual harmony. In JPG, GIF, or PNG format, upload images.

Your Account Name

What follows the “@” is your account’s @name. It is particular to you, shows up in the URL of your profile, and is connected to everything you do on Twitter. It should be closely related to the name of your business and can be up to 15 characters.

This is one of the most crucial parts of optimizing any account. One of the biggest factors that business accounts fail is when they do not optimize their names and add a lot of unnecessary characters which results in confusion for many searchers.

For example, @MiriamTutorServices, so implies that your business name is “Miriam Tutor Services.” Do not go astray and choose to add unnecessary characters. Never do @TheMiriamTutorist or @TutorIsMiriam.

A business should have a unique and entertaining username, but it should also be simple to remember and easy to search. Regardless of how much they appreciate your stuff, people won’t spend more a lot of time just to find you because there are tons of available businesses that are present and easy to remember, and easy to search.

Your display name, which is always editable, is displayed directly above your @name. Having this as the name of your business or brand is an intelligent practice.

Your Bio

Use your standard pitch or basically the motto of your business as your bio on Twitter. You’ll be presenting yourself to the world in these 160 characters, this matters so much! This is one of the first things potential customers lay their eyes on once they get to see your account.

In making your bios, you should Inform them of what you do, the benefits you provide, and the reasons they should follow you. Introduce your brand and use words that are straight to the point so that you do not waste the limited characters. Make sure it’s short, sweet, and embodies the identity of your business.

Even if your presence is solely online, include your location in your bio too. You can include your headquarters, founding city, or destinations that you ship to. This enables you to connect with and reach out to local supporters.

A strong Twitter bio gives your followers an overview of you and your company while also letting them know what kind of material to anticipate from you. When used properly, your Twitter bio will be unique, aid in relationship building, and draw in the correct kind of followers. Include your current hours if you operate a physical store.

Your Pinned Tweet

Your biggest, most recent news is what you wish your followers to concentrate on. You should periodically assess whether you have a more urgent message to emphasize. It could be your continual marketing or sale. To generate buzz, start advertising and teasing it a few days beforehand. The debut of your newest product. Maintain the momentum and amplify the thrill.

Be wise in choosing what you pin on your Twitter because this sets an impression immediately depending on the content.

Does it make your business look good?

Does it give emphasis to your products/services?

Is it aligned with the branding of your business?

Is it pleasing to the eye?

Simply select “Pin to your profile” by clicking the down arrow in the top-right corner of the Tweet to pin it.

Direct Visitors To Your Website

You can go beyond the normal home page link at this point, you should consider some specific pages to send your Twitter followers. Also, you may include a link to your company’s blog or newsroom was given that many bloggers and journalists use Twitter as a source for stories.

You might also utilize the link to encourage your followers to sign up for your email list, attend a webinar, download a free guide, or complete any other desired conversion you may have in mind.

You can also use Twitter to drive traffic to your website. Just add a link in your bio or in your pinned tweet. And it should redirect them to your business’ website.

How To Gain Followers On Your Twitter Business Account

Twitter, which has millions of users every day, has the potential to be a strong marketing tool for your company, helping you connect with clients and generate leads. A Twitter for Business profile is easy to set up and optimize, but to be effective, it must be utilized frequently, much like a muscle.

Below are tips on how to optimize your Twitter account for your business to gain more followers, and customers and know about the latest!

Produce Helpful And Relevant Content

People use Twitter to read content that intrigues them and engage in discussions. Consequently, if you’re Tweeting about sales, product tutorials, or world events, you must make certain that your content resonates with your audience and offers value if you want to grow your following base.

There is stuff available all over the internet. Consumers may become overwhelmed and perplexed by the excess of publicly available information online. By creating content that is both relevant and instructional, you may persuade potential customers that you have everything meaningful to say.

Utilize your Twitter Analytics to find out more about the content that resonates most with your audience if you’re unsure of what that content should be.

Utilize trending topics by browsing the “Explore” page, looking at the top trending things o the explore tab, and using relevant hashtags and phrases for your niche and target market.

Provide Good Visuals

On Twitter2, 97% of users are visual, therefore including media in your Tweets can really make them stand out. Make your content interesting, useful, and memorable by incorporating a range of images and videos.

More views and retweets come from compelling visual material. Retweet rates for tweets with images are 94% higher.

For example, if you have a clothing business, when you upload a slide show or a reel on Twitter (which can be from Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok which you can repurpose) it should be clear, and the colors of the layout should still be aligned with your business.

Colors! Work on your palette, make it eye-catching, and breathe taking. This is not exaggerating, well it is, but no kidding that when a user sees a creative tweet from your business account they are most likely to follow your account your re-tweet your creative good visual tweets!

Making templates is an excellent approach to increasing the output of your own images. Templates can save you a ton of time when creating a new post, a quotation from a team member or influencer, or a promotion for your monthly email. It’s also a terrific method to make visuals that are consistent and gently include your identity in the photos.

When you have a template it helps you produce uniform good visuals!

Tweet frequently

Establishing a regular content plan that your viewers can expect forward to and rely on is essential. Make a good content to arrange your ideas and make sure you tweet throughout important seasons and events.

Imagine you are visiting accounts on Twitter, which account would you choose between an account that provides consistent and high-quality content or an account that the last post was 3 years ago and then 2 days ago?

What image will inconsistency bring to your business?

Be consistent in tweeting frequently, when people see that your account is active, they can easily message you and not think twice about asking you about your business or products!

Leveraging the use of animated, moving images, or GIFs is one of the most well-liked trends among social media users. These are frequently used as comments’ reactions, but they also make for excellent blog posts.

Socialize with others

The basic objective of Twitter is to connect people and engage in conversation. Do not simply tweet something and then go. Follow others in your industry on Twitter, RT influencers, and larger companies in your niche, engage with local thought leaders, and reply to comments and customers to foster more contact and partnerships.

One of the best practices you can do is you can also locate micro-influencers to market your business or goods. They can aid in extending your reach and gaining the confidence of new audiences.

Make sure that when interacting with people on Twitter, even when you are using the account of your business, do not forget to be fun! For example, if your business is a Funeral Service and there is a trending video where a guy tried to eat as much pork fat as he can. You can put a comment, you can say anything and it will make people laugh because just the irony of a funeral business commenting on a video of a guy that eats and jeopardizes his life is fun for most people. YOu can even put “Hmmm….” and they will find it funny!

Look for these kinds of things that you can use to leverage and socialize with the people on Twitter, find out what Twitter users love, and explore.

Try your best to find a way to incorporate our business into the trends!

Promote Your Name

As often as you can, expose consumers to your brand. Include a follow button on your website, include a link to it in newsletters and email signatures, and promote it on printed items like menus or business cards.

Promoted Twitter accounts are a technique to boost interaction and broaden your audience outside your follower base. Promoted Accounts are made to make brands more discoverable and increase their fan bases.

Put the username of every single social media platform on each other, so that people may see it and know what to look for when they want to search for it.

For example, there are people who do not use Twitter often but found your business on Twitter so instead, they want to go to your Instagram or TikTok or your website. Since they want to see other platforms and your bio has the username for those, then they will immediately be able to see and search for your accounts.

Every chance you get to promote your username, do it and maximize it, anytime, anywhere as long as you do not hurt anyone, do it!

Utilize Your Current Clientele

The current clientele or your existing customers needs to be taken care of. You should always prioritize them and listen to their opinions and always include them in tweets or activities.

You will be able to increase consumer loyalty by doing this. The customer can establish a bond with the business, specific items, and the brand in this way.

You can do this by giving them discounts when they availed of your products or services more than once. You can also feature them on some of your content as customer appreciation, you can also ask for reviews from them and take notes.

Making them feel that they are valued and important to your business, will be a good edge. Most businesses stop caring after completing the transaction with customers.

But remember this, the ones that are most likely to avail of your products or services are the ones who already did. The customers that are easiest to sell to are the ones who already tried your products. So take care of your existing clientele. Develop customer loyalty and let them bring more customers to you!

Use Campaigns Tactic to Gain Followers

A contest or giveaway is a fantastic method to spark interest in your goods or services and grow your following on social media. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to set up, which is even better.
Decide what you will be giving away first. It may be anything from your store, a gift certificate, or another item that appeals to your target market. Next, draft the contest or giveaway rules.

For instance, you might make it mandatory for participants to share the entry link or make it accessible to anybody who visits your website while the offer is running. Alternatively, they should start by following all of your social media accounts across all platforms.

Collab With Influencers 

Find influential people in your business who could tell their followers about your Twitter account. Send them a message with a deal or promo code.
Find industry influencers who could share your company’s content with their followers if you want to increase the number of people who see your tweets on Twitter. To encourage them to recommend your store to their followers, get in touch with them with a product offer or discount coupon. By doing this, you can connect with a completely new audience of interested potential clients.
By collaborating with influencers, you can access their extensive networks and increase the visibility of your Twitter account.


In every design and post, take diversity into account. You lose out on communicating with some of your prospective audience if your Twitter is not accessible. Closed captions for videos and alt text or captions for pictures are examples of inclusivity. Because they are one of the things that search engines use for your tweets and accounts to appear on searches.

Make sure that your account is not private. Tweets are for your clientele but are sure that even those people who are not yet your customers can relate so that you can reach them and make them part of your clientele.

For example, your business is a gym. Your tweets on your account are all about lean and fit bodies and all the people who can relate are only the ones who are already your client and listed on the gym. What if you change your approach and tweet about things that people who want to join the gym and don’t know how to start can relate to?

Some people experience gym intimidation and they want to go to the gym but they can’t because they feel intimidated that most of the people in the gym already have good bodies. What you do is you take a photo of your  “Safe Corner” where people who are just starting can enter by their choice to avoid the feeling of being intimidated by the people around them. You will caption it with something like “There is a safe place for you, you can do what you have to do.”

See the approach? Not only those who are already doing well and are in the middle of their gym journey is going to be impacted but also, especially those who want and need to be in the gym.

You do not sell food to those who just ate, you sell them to those who are hungry. You do not sell light to someone who lives in a bright house, you sell it to those who are in dark places.

Be inclusive and make sure that everyone, even the ones who are not yet your clients can relate!

Be Innovative

Think creatively, that’s what it means, overall. There are many rival companies out there, all vying for the attention of a captive audience. Think creatively and analyze what your target audience wants to see when producing visual content for social Twitter. Take a pause and seek out other sources of creative inspiration if you’re feeling stuck or having trouble coming up with ideas.

People love creativity. For example, you are a music shop business owner. You sell instruments such as types of guitars, pianos, and so much more. What should your tweets be all about?

You can use this technique, for example, there is a trending story that a singer cheated on her model wife with someone from Instagram. You can Tweet ” —— cheating on his wife a thread with screenshots” so people will be highly interested since it’s trending and they want to see screenshots of course who doesn’t want to?

Now they open it and what they will see is another tweet with a picture. “Now that we got your attention, buy now! 20% for purchases worth 2k plus 5% for a discount code ( the name of the cheater ).

If people will not find it funny and creative, I don’t know what is 😛

Follow Back 

Following back is one of the most important things on Twitter because it is like respect unless you are a verified, user. Verified means you have a large following, mostly celebrities, famous creators and big brands are the ones who are verified. So obviously they do not need to follow back to anyone, but since your account is just already starting you need to follow back your followers to show appreciation to them.

Not only that, but you will also be able to interact freely with them once you followed them back. They will feel seen and they will know that your business cares about its followers which is always a plus!

Utilize Memes 

People love memes! They are what keep the internet going, and escape from too much drama and gossip. Utilize them to get the attention of the viewers and to interact with them.

For example, there is a very popular video and audio on TikTok that says “I wanna goooo hooommee” in a very funny way. You can create something from it as funny content on your Twitter. For example, if you have a fruit business, you can make a POV in a video.

POV: When the fruit sellers said the orange is sweet but it is so sour. ( I wanna goooo hoooommee )

And the caption says “So get your fruits from *business name* assured that your fruits are sweet sugar!” or something like that.

See how you made your audiences laugh, got their attention, and had the opportunity to sell your products to them? Amazing right?

Importance of # on Twitter

This is one of the things that TWitter also specializes in.

On Twitter, a hashtag is created by beginning a word or phrase with the symbol “#.” A hashtag links all of the other Tweets that have used it when it is used in a Tweet. A hashtag offers your Tweet context and makes it simple for readers to follow topics that interest them.

For example, if you want to search for something, you can just use a hashtag and type it on the bar. Then all of the tweets with the same hashtag that you are looking for will appear, there you will see everything you need to know about the tweet.

People categorize Tweets and make them easier to find in Twitter searches by adding the hashtag symbol (#) before a pertinent term or phrase. You can view additional Tweets that contain a specific hashtag by clicking or pressing on that word in any tweet. Anywhere in a Tweet can contain a hashtag.

Pick a word or phrase that relates to your brand or the point you’re making. Consider your audience’s perspective. Does the hashtag make it obvious to them what your brand is discussing?

For example, your business is sustainable fashion dresses that are made to order. Think about the keywords that you think are relevant to our business.

Here are a few tools you may use to research Keywords to find out what your clients are looking for when they use your services.

After your keyword research, you can use the results as hashtags. Let’s say your business search “made to order dress” so what you should do is incorporate it in your tweets.  But keep in mind that it’s important to capitalize the first letter of each word in your hashtag. So it should look something like this #MadeToOrderDress.
Don’t over-hashtag. The ideal number of relevant hashtags per Tweet is one to two so that your message stays brief. It’s best practice to limit each Tweet to one clear point rather than attempting to convey several concepts at once.
Aside from marketing and many perks Twitter comes with, most of all treat it as a source for your business. What’s in, what’s out, and what’s the latest gossip about? And incorporate it into your business and your other social media platform accounts!
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