How To Get New Customers Using WhatsApp

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Approximately 2 billion people around the world have Whatsapp accounts, And 5 million of these are business accounts. Believe it or not, WhatsApp can highly impact your business. Do you have your business put out there on Whatsapp? If not, what are you still waiting for?

Using only Wi-Fi connectivity, WhatsApp is a free, cross-platform communications application that allows users to engage and participate in video and voice conversations, compose and send messages, and also more. WhatsApp, which has around 2 billion active users, is particularly well-liked by relatives and friends who wish to keep in touch but reside in various nations. WhatsApp can help you gain new customers because it is one of the most used platform in the world and it has features that are excellent for interacting with customers and potential customers!

If you are highly interested in using WhatsApp and leveraging it to grow your business, continue reading because are in the right place!

What is WhatsApp and How Does it work?

Whatsapp is a globally popular platform used for communication. Like the other ones, it allows voice and video calls, sending images, text messaging, voice mails, sending files and etc. But what sets this apart is that this platform is popular across the globe. This is the means of communication that is first thought of when wanting to communicate with someone from another country or even continent.

Whatsapp works very similarly to other messaging and communication platforms. But its main advantage is the users it has from across the globe and not to mention that WhatsApp caters to almost all ages. The scope of this platform is extremely wide in terms of location and demographics.

Up next, see what are the features built-in WhatsApp. And which of these you can leverage that can definitely help you with growing your business and acquiring new customers through this wonderful communication platform?

WhatsApp Business Features to Help Your Business Engage with Customers

While WhatsApp is the communication service’s consumer release, WhatsApp Business is made particularly for businesses. The primary distinction between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is that businesses receive a certified and expanded Business Page so that consumers are confident when conversing with other users.

You can use WhatsApp on different devices, it depends on what is available for your business. This app is accessible on devices such as laptops, computers, desktops, mobile phones, iPads, and some other types of devices. With that being said, Whatsapp allows you to link your account to up to 4 devices for security purposes. Now, see what features of this platform will help you with obtaining new customers!


The most common form of communication is text. Simple, direct and doesn’t require a lot other than just typing your message. You can do this for free on WhatsApp using only an internet connection. Regardless of where the recipient is located (as long as not in very few countries where WhatsApp is banned ) then it will be sent fast, hassle-free and secured.

To know if your messages are being read or delivered there are ticks (small check symbols) on the lower part of the message bubble. If there are two checks then it means that your message is delivered and is ready to be viewed by the receiver. Once these check marks turn blue then it means the recipient read or at least opened the message.

You can leverage this by sending personalized messages to your customers. Make sure to use the right words and to always acknowledge that they are appreciated and valued customers.


Just like Messenger, WeChat, and other messaging platforms, you can also create a group chat in WhatsApp. To help you stay connected with certain groups of people for you, such as your relatives, colleagues, business-related people and etc. The maximum amount of people that can be added in WhatsApp group chats is 256. And you can share anything you want with them all at the same time. You can also customize a lot of things on your group chat such as the name, theme, notification settings, change admins and so much more.

You can use this feature if you want to send a message to a group of people relevant to everyone.


Maintain the dialogue going. You can synchronize all of your messages using WhatsApp on the web and desktop, allowing you to communicate on whichever gadget would be most practical for you. To start, visit whatsapp.com or download the desktop application.

Whatever is in your main device (if the web and desktop are not your main device) will be synced in your WhatsApp on the web and desktop so that you will no longer need to worry about keeping the conversation going. Wherever you are, you will still be able to use Whatsapp and have the same experience just like on your main device.


This feature is very common but extremely useful. Imagine being able to talk to anyone from anywhere (that has access of course). You can even have group voice and video calls on WhatsApp. All of this for free! Just ensure you have an excellent internet connection and you will be able to speak face-to-face or well, camera-to-face with people. Because sometimes it is hard to convey emotions in text.

You can do this by simply clicking your contact which you would want to call. Now, there are two icons at the top right corner of the profile of the contact. Choose the call icon which is a camera recorder icon or a telephone icon which means it’s for voice calls only. Not to mention that the voice and video call in WhatsApp is smoother than on any other platform! No lags and late audios!


Protections as Standard. The latest editions of WhatsApp include end-to-end encryption given that some of your most private moments are transmitted and communicated there. Your conversations and messages are safe whenever it’s end-to-end encrypted, meaning that only you and whoever you are speaking with may see or hear them. WhatsApp is not included in this chain of custody. It’s literally just you and the other party.

You are sure your conversations and exchange of text messages are safe when it’s end-to-end encrypted. In terms of safety, you do not have to worry about WhatsApp.


of course, the good old photo and video sharing. What is a messaging platform if you can not do these features for free? One of the best attributes of WhatsApp photo and video sharing is that it can be sent very fast regardless of the speed of the internet connection. And the quality in WhatsApp is not affected, unlike other platforms that turn images into low quality after being sent there.


Voice messages are amazing tools. Some people do not want to speak or for their faces to be seen but is having a hard time typing or expressing emotions in text messages. So voice message is the thin line between a video call and voice call. All you have to do is to press the recorder icon on the right bottom corner of the messaging box. Then, speak and let go of it when done to send. If you are done and do not want to send the voice you have recorded then you can drag it to the left corner to delete it.


One of the best features of Whatsapp is sharing documents. You can send up to 2GB size of a file on WhatsApp, fast and with no hassle. Just click the paperclip icon on the left side of the messaging box and then choose to add file and there you go, you can send files to any of your contacts.


This is very similar to the “stories” feature of other social media platforms. This one allows you to share images, video clips, GIFs and etc. And it is also end-to-end encrypted which means that this is also safe. But like the stories o other platforms, it also disappears after 24 hours. Though this feature is only available for WhatsApp mobile and not on the web, you can view the status of other people on the web but you can not add them from the web.


A program called “WhatsApp Pay” uses the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to allow financial institution transfers over a mobile device. Specifically stated, it’s a tool that lets you accept and send payments from anybody on your record of contacts during a conversation. A UPI ID gets active whenever a payment is sent to an address or contact, allowing individuals to give and accept money. For those contacts who aren’t on the phone contacts, funds can also be sent via QR code.

Having a large number of subscribers, WhatsApp first introduced a banking collaboration alongside ICICI Bank in 2018. The NPCI gave WhatsApp Pay permission to roll out its operations gradually in February 2020.

Though as of 2022, this feature is only accessible and works in some places such as the US (a few places), India, and Brazil. Who knows? This might just be available for the rest of the world and can make transactions more convenient.


Through building a catalogue, business owners on the WhatsApp Business application may simply showcase and promote their goods and the services they offer to clients. On your business profile, the catalogue is visible. A distinctive name and additional sections for the cost, caption, site URL, and item number are included for each item in the catalogue.

Buyers with whom the contact has an existing connection with the business can receive the whole catalogue from a WhatsApp Business user. Additionally, they can advertise the URL to the catalogue on websites and other social media platforms, allowing additional customers to find them and inquire regarding their goods or services firsthand.

Here is a guide by WhatsApp on how to build your business catalogue step-by-step, how to add and delete products, and all you need to know about it.

Set Up A WhatsApp Business Account

If you already have an existing WhatsApp account, and you desire to just convert it into a business account you can do that in just simple steps.

For business, a WhatsApp business account is free and accessible. When you already have a Mobile Application profile, you can quickly switch it over to a WhatsApp Business account.
  • Get the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business from the Google Play Store.
  • Install WhatsApp for Business. (The Icon is a B)
  • Examine the Conditions of Agreement for the WhatsApp Business App. After reading, when consent to the conditions, tap Yes & Begin.
  • Every contact you enter into WhatsApp is immediately recognized by the WhatsApp Business app. Click the button containing your telephone contact to proceed.
  • Select “use a different number” and then proceed with the regular authentication phase if the information that shows is not the one you desire to use.
  • To grant the WhatsApp Business app access to your conversation history and files, select “continue” and “allow” to agree.
  • Wait for a message from WhatsApp. The 6-digit key will be delivered to you through Text by WhatsApp. To validate your information, type the six-digit pin.
  • Hit “next” after creating your business page.
  • You may go on with completing your business page according to your company’s identity and your goals.

Setting up a WhatsApp Business Account

Now, if you do not have an existing account on WhatsApp or you wish to start a new account only for your business here is what you need to do to set up the WhatsApp Business app:
  • Get the latest version of the WhatsApp Business application at Google Play Store.
  • Validate the phone number of your business.
  • Enter your business name and all the other details needed.
  • Fill out and enter your business category, put your profile picture and etc.
  • Click the More options tab and then choose settings and click your business name.

There you go, now you have your very own WhatsApp account for your business. Congratulations! Now, in the next section see how and in which ways you can use WhatsApp to gain new customers for your business.

How To use WhatsApp to Gain New Customers

Now that you have your WhatsApp business account and it is already set up, know how to use it in order to gain new customers and see in what ways will it benefit your business.

Optimize your Business Profile

Optimizing your business profile in WhatsApp is just as important as doing it on your websites and your accounts on generally popular social media platforms. In optimizing your accounts it is important that you are implying in a very clear manner that you are a business account. For example, you sell body care products such as bath bombs, soaps, body serums, lotions and etc. This should be notified the moment the potential client looks at your account.

Have your logo as your profile picture, business name, contacts, etc. the usual elements of optimizing. But what is the best thing you could do to optimize your business account on WhatsApp?

Since the app provides tools for this specific type of account to be able to interact smoothly with the customers, that is what you need to focus on. Your business account has to RESPOND QUICKLY to customers, regardless of their queries. (automated messages are at the bottom, you will see them as you read on).

A WhatsApp business account is optimized if it utilizes the tools that are provided for excellent customer interaction.

Make A Broadcast List

Records pertaining to particular subjects or target markets should be made. And the same with Twitter, as soon as the lists are created, you may deliver one-way messages that are specially crafted to gain followers.

These messages may contain discounts, invites, or hyperlinks. For instance, broadcast lists are indeed the method to go if you’re hosting a launch or gathering that will attract your customers.

You can deliver broadcast messages to previously stored sets of receivers while not being required to choose them every minute using “broadcast” lists. For example, if your company sells cosmetics, your target market is most likely interested in beauty conventions. You may use this to your advantage by sending them broadcast messages.

Individualize Messages

Your communities will expand if your WhatsApp marketing strategy is effective. Additionally, as it develops, you may tailor your interactions with clients by speaking with them personally via the app.

This is especially beneficial to small enterprises since it allows it much simpler for clients to text them personally if they require a certain item, have concerns, or may require customer service thanks to a personal customer connection.

Quality Content

You might be questioning right now, on WhatsApp. Really?

And even on WhatsApp, of course. The importance of high-quality content for your website and WhatsApp message are equivalent.

Your Texts must be clear and impactful. In contrast to Twitter, you don’t need to care a lot about size here, but each and every word must be important. If your language and writing style don’t appeal to your market, interaction will likely be quite low. Make it straightforward, interesting, and customer-centered.

Utilize the Group Chat Function

Group communications, which also contain replies from members of the groups, are communicated to its members. That is helpful when doing focus group discussions or market analysis before releasing a good or service.

The ideal approach for you to provide access to particular customer groups is through the group chat feature. Additionally, it serves as a means of inspiring your clients to network with each other and possibly persuade more seasoned clients to test a brand-new service or item.

Group chats have advantages for you as well as your clients: They can communicate with your business and with each other effortlessly, and you can reach a global market with convenience.

Call your Clients

You must make phone calls, and call the customers in at the top of texting them to communicate and promote your business.

For instance, you can immediately call a client when you receive an inquiry from one (whether they want to speak with a salesman or just want extra details).

But be extremely careful with this one. You do not want to discourage your customers by just calling without their confirmation that it is okay to call them or even a notice that you will call. If this move is misunderstood by clients this may result in poor reviews. Make sure that in doing this, you still respect the space, privacy, and personal time of the client.

Utilize the “My Status” Function

With this new WhatsApp Status Update function, you can easily distribute unique discount codes that clients may use in your business.

To inform everybody in your communities about the exclusive deals you are conducting, you can utilize the immediate picture and geolocation tool.

This could one-time big-time activity to boost attendance or generate attention, or a 2-3 hour flash discounted shopping. If you are successful, you can utilize WhatsApp for it and do it frequently.

Work Along with Relevant Companies or Influencers

Your market and the amount of WhatsApp groups you are a member of growing once you work with companies that provide comparable services or personalities in your industry. The collaborators don’t have to be in the same field as your business; your objective is to participate more in WhatsApp community talks.

Regardless if members of some of the other groupings are not engaged in your goods or services, still they may still promote your business on social media platforms or in different groups, which will lead individuals in their network who are to your enterprise.

Deliver Top-Notch Customer Service

Instant customer care is a privilege for numerous businesses, especially those in the tourism sector. WhatsApp will aid in this concern and assist you and your employees or account managers. It can help to swiftly respond to and handle consumer inquiries, though.

With its multi-media messaging capabilities, your business can offer individualized client support via textual, voice, or video clips. Here, you can also give consumers live help or seminars. Which will make customer care much easier for you and the clients.

Note: WhatsApp offers a desktop app as well. Therefore, if you already have pc client service software running, you can simply combine the two to offer even quicker client care.

Benefits of WhatsApp for your Business

Whatsapp might not be one of those apps that are mentioned frequently in social media platforms or just in general, but it is one of the most used applications in today’s life. Maybe it is because of the thought that I do not have to tell you or to let everyone know that I have a WhatsApp account, it is understood that I use it and I know you do too.

As WhatsApp is a staple for the life today, see how it benefits your business!

1. Widens your company’s reach internationally

WhatsApp will enable your business to have the broadest reach. When your business wants to be able to communicate with as numerous potential customers as you possibly can. This is without a doubt the most used communication application in the world. Including over 2 billion active users a month and 100 billion conversations served up daily. This platform is utilized in 180 out of 195 nations around the globe.

2. An online brand presence for your company

A business account is created when you first sign up for WhatsApp Business. Once y our claims have been confirmed. Two distinct events take place. First of all, your customers are assured that they are speaking with the right business or the right person from the business. Second, it helps to build your business identity when brand components appear in all consumer communications. People grow accustomed to your brand’s style, character, and trademark.

3. Practicality for both you and your clients

You can access your account and work from a desktop pc. Or if you happen to be traveling, it can be from a mobile. You could begin a discussion on your laptop. And then continue it afterward on your cellphone because the app keeps every device that you linked devices in sync.

Your clients are not required to be aware that you’re answering their questions while eating lunch or performing an errand. On the other hand, you can complete the necessary errands while continuing to communicate with your clients.

Clients may speak to you via the application they use often frequently simultaneously. That makes their lives simpler and increases the likelihood that they will contact you.

4. Easier consumer segmentation leads to better communication

You can establish up to twenty labels in WhatsApp to categorize conversations between clients and potential clients. There are countless methods for categorizing your clients, but most of the time it is very similar to the sales funnel in this industry.

Every contact’s precise location in the sales funnel is something you need to understand. In approaching your consumers and prospects, labeling will make it easy for you. It helps you to be as productive and work as appropriate. This is so you can convey the proper message at the proper moment.

5. Enhanced customer care

You may respond to client queries more quickly by using automated texts and speedy responses in WhatsApp Business. Here are some of the automation choices you have:

  • Greeting message. – You can program a text to welcome new clients automatically. Clients feel welcomed when they receive this kind of message. Additionally, it guarantees that you react within WhatsApp Business’s 24-hour time restriction. You have the option of sending it to a specified group of people. Everybody outside of the contact list, or only certain people.
  • Automatic messages. – This one is known as an “Away Message” in WhatsApp Business. In short, a text that is customized is to be sent just when the setting is active. After creating the “automatic response”, you can decide whether to deliver it at all times, on a specific timetable that will serve as a “vacation response”, or only during certain times of the day. Similar to the welcoming text, you can pick who receives the text.
  • Quick replies. – People consistently appear to have the exact same concerns on their minds. You may rapidly respond to your most commonly requested queries by creating a maximum of 50 fast replies in WhatsApp Business.

If you are new to WhatsApp or any kind of platform, do not be afraid to try multiple times, different techniques. The knowledge that you will acquire as you gather your experience can not be bought with money. Growing your customers, followers, supporters, patrons, etc. will not be easy. It will not happen overnight, but one thing is for sure. As you try you will learn, and as you learn, your building blocks to success is being sturdy. Try and try!

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