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Today, Facebook is so much more than just a tool for communication. It can now be an excellent way for you to promote your business in so many easy ways and for free!

Facebook when used right can now be an effective marketing tool. By combining crucial tools like chatting, posting, insights, and advertising capabilities, Facebook helps your business reach more customers while also saving time. You can upload content about your business, interact with your potential customers, promote your business in a wider range, reach the target audience fast, make your business discoverable, and a lot more for you!

Read more to see how Facebook is so much more than just video calls and FB posts, it is a tool that can help your business grow for free!

What is Facebook?

Originally, Facebook is a platform that allows users to connect virtually. Communicate with family, colleagues, friends, and also strangers. All that for free, aside from that, this platform also allows the users to share what’s in their mind through different mediums. It can be texts, pictures, sounds, slide shows, or anything you can think of.

Not only can users post comments and images on Facebook, but they can also view local news feeds, record live videos, schedule events, message friends, get suggestions, and purchase or sell goods. What separates Facebook from other platforms is that typically has a larger viewership than most social media platforms. Because on other platforms, the new generation is the one that utilizes it and uses it. But with Facebook, even the older generation uses it.

But, brace yourself, because Facebook is now a platform that helps businesses to grow too! Continue reading the next sections to know how, and who knows. This might be your stepping stone to being one of the businesses that excel on the platforms.

How To Make A Facebook Business Page

Imagine your Facebook Page as a virtual storefront that allows more than 2 billion Facebook users to learn about your business. It’s easy and free to create a business Page, and it looks fantastic on desktop and mobile.

Here is how to create a Facebook Page for your Business:

  1. Create a Facebook page here.
  2. Enter the desired name of your business page and category.
  3. Put something in your Page’s bio and choose ‘Create‘.
  4. Put in your address, phone number, and also your available business hours, and pick ‘Next‘.
  5. Then, upload a profile picture and a cover photo.
  6. Tell your Facebook friends to interact with your Page, and like it.

When people require a Facebook presence for their business or other organization, they create a Facebook Page instead of a Facebook Profile. Now that you have created your very own Facebook Business Page Profile, up next is to set it up!

How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Add A Profile Photo and A cover photo – After making a business page, you should now add a profile picture and a cover photo to your business profile. You should use the logo of your business as the profile to give emphasis that it is indeed a page for your business. Now for the cover photo, you should never use random ones because this is larger than the profile picture and it matters so much because that is the first ever thing the page visitor will see if they visit your page. You should use a layout that contains your contact details and the username of your business in different accounts on different platforms. Make sure that the layout is aligned with the palette and identity of your brand/business.

Use A Simple Facebook Page Name – This is very crucial, do not mess this one up. You should be careful with the names you use. For example, if your business name is “Rico’s Electronic Repair Center“. You should not use complicated names, instead, use the most accurate and easy-to-remember name for your Business Facebook Page.  The best option is to use the exact business name and not add unnecessary things, for example, “Rico’s ERC 348“. This can hurt your page, so be careful and always choose the safest option which is the original business name.

Add Contact Details and Location – This is very important because as a business, customers always look for means to contact you. If they do not want to have a chat on private messages they will probably look for a contact number that they can call and speak with someone about the business. Location is also very important especially if you have a physical business. Enter these important details publicly on your Facebook Business page.

Here is a guide on how to do it:

  1. Below your Page profile picture, click “About.”
  2. On the left side, select “Contact and Basic Info.”
  3. Below Contact Info, click “Add your address” and “Contact Details” then enter the address of your business.
  4. Click Save.

Your page visitors will now see the contact details and location first thing on your Facebook business page!

Invite Friends To Like Your Page – This is the best thing to do especially if your page is newly made and doesn’t have a lot of likers.

Here is how you do this:

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Go to the Page you want to Invite your Friends in
  • Scroll until under the “Popular Posts” section
  • Under that, you will see the “Invite Friends”
  • Click it and you will see a feature that will make you choose which friends to invite
  • Click the “Select All” feature on the top right corner
  • Then a notif will arrive to your friends and say “*Your Facebook Name* Invited You To Like *The Page Name*”

Then wait for your the notifs from the likes of your friends on the page. And you can also ask them to do the same thing to their friends for more likes!

Facebook Features That Will Help Your Business

There are a lot of features that Facebook offers but here are some of the ones that will benefit your business intensely when you leverage and use them right.

Upload Various Contents

Facebook is one of those platforms that has a wide range of variety of content you can post. This is an excellent perk to leverage for your business because when you utilize features like this, there is a huge chance that you will have more customers from Facebook!

You can upload content such as images, videos, reels, and articles and you can even go live on Facebook. Here are some examples of how you can use these various types of content for your business!


High-quality images of your products/creations of your business should be posted on Facebook. For example, if you are a nail technician and you want to showcase your creations, you should make an album of images where the potential customers will be able to see what they are looking for immediately. The good thing about Facebook albums is that they have their own section and you can name them.

For example, you should name albums like this :

  • Almond Shape
  • Acrylic
  • Coffin Nails
  • Ombre
  • Polygel
  • Regular Polish

This is so that the customers will know what album they will go to on your page. This should showcase all your past creations. For example, the customers opened the “Almond Shape” album. They should see able to see all almond shape nails that you did in the past so that they know what to expect from your services.

Here is a guide on how to upload single photos on your Facebook page:

  1. Tap Photo at the top of your Feed.
  2. To snap a photo, hit Camera. To choose one from your phone’s photo library, tap Browse.
  3. Press Post.
  4. Tap the audience selector next to your name to select your audience.
  5. Press Post.

Here is a guide on how to make an album on your Facebook page:

  • At the top of Facebook, select Profile.
  • Click Photos.
  • Select Create New Album.
  • Type the name you desire for the Album. Adding a description is another option. You can also add a place. Include contributions.
  • Click Save.

Images should be high-quality and well-showcased. You can also put captions as descriptions for the services. Leverage the fact that you can upload images. You can upload up to 1000 photos to an album. But there are no limits to uploading photos on Facebook!


Just like images, you can upload videos on Facebook but you have to be very careful with this one. Because Facebook is very particular with copyrights. If you will upload a video, you should put credits to the music you use. But other than that, you are free to utilize unloading this type of content on Facebook.

For example, you have a baking business. You can upload a video of you decorating a cake for a client. Upload it with background music, and make it a timelapse. This is so that the customers can see the process of decorating, see the place where you make the cakes, see if they like your design and etc.

Use this feature of Facebook to show your business to your potential clients. To immerse them with your business and make them feel our transparency towards them. Let them get to know your brand/business by uploading videos involving behind-the-scenes of your business, the processes and etc.

Here is a guide on how to upload videos on your Facebook page:

  1. Tap Photo at the top of your Feed.
  2. To capture a video, hit Camera. To choose one from your phone’s video library, tap Browse.
  3. Press Post.
  4. Tap the audience selector next to your name to select your audience.
  5. Press Post.


One of the features of Facebook is you can post only texts. This is best for announcements, updates, or sudden changes in your business. For example, if your physical location is closed due to a typhoon, you can simply post it on Facebook and put the date when your physical store will open again. So that they know when to go or to cancel if they plan to.

In posting text on your Facebook, simply press the “Create Post” then type whatever you need and then click “Share” at the top right corner when done. And that’s it, you can cascade to your customers or followers what you want them to know in just a few very easy steps.


Do you know why reels are very popular today? Because it can showcase your business excellently in just 15 seconds. It has endless possibilities, you can do time-lapse, slow motions, compilations and so much more!

This is a new feature on Facebook and is very similar to the Instagram reels feature. With the use of modern artistic tools, audio, and effects, reels are 15-second multi-clip videos that may be recorded and manipulated.

For example, if you have a Pet Shop business, you can showcase your business through reels by compiling snippets of videos. For example, you can make a reel about your fish that are for sale. A compilation of betta fish, goldfish, and angel fish swimming. You can put it in slow-motion for a more dramatic effect ( explore the tools, they are very easy to use!).

Utilize well-known sounds, use decent camera angles, and Instagram reels’ editing features. If used properly, it is simple to use and produces fantastic 15-second reels that will surely draw likers and customers to your Facebook page!

Private Messages

The timeless private message feature! This is one of the best features of Facebook because this supports customer service which is extremely important in every business. Interacting with your customers through Facebook direct messages is such a personal way to respond to the queries or concerns of customers.

Utilize this one by making sure that your account replies as soon as a potential buyer/customer messages. So that they will feel that they are valued, customers. You do not make customers wait because there are other businesses that are willing to give them what they need, the least you could do is give them fast replies. And this is very possible with Facebook private messages!


A Facebook comment is a feature where people can comment publicly on your post. Whether it’s to express their thoughts about your business, share their experiences about the services you provided, express frustrations and etc.

This is one of the ways people express their thoughts and your business can definitely maximize this feature by simply taking heed of what people write in your comment section.

For example, you posted a new product that you are about to release, and one of your past customers commented about how one of your products was not an excellent one. Take this to improve your products. And you can always respond with “We are honored to be chosen by you as a business. We value our customer reviews and we assure you that we are taking notes. We promise to do better next time. Thank you!”

Your comment section will reflect your business. Your customers will always be vocal about their thoughts about your business and will never think twice about sharing their experiences, especially in the comments section.

Share Button

The share button is one of the best features of Facebook! You can share posts in Facebook groups, private messages, and even groups!

A share is much more representative of active participation with your community (possible customers) than a like, and it should be given the proper weight in your evaluation of your social media engagement efforts.


Aside from sharing, you can also tag other pages. To tag a page, simply enter “@” in the text field, begin typing the page’s name, and then choose it from the list just like you would on Facebook.

This will help in terms of your page’s discoverability. For example, if you tag another page in one of your posts, their likes will be able to see the post where you tagged them. And there is a huge chance that they might check out your page especially if they think you can provide the business/product they need.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the social network’s classified ads section that focuses on assisting people and businesses selling goods locally. This platform is entering new areas with Marketplace to compete with websites like eBay and Craigslist.

The Facebook Marketplace is fantastic for businesses looking to market their goods. You can find a lot of customers there thanks to its huge readership. It is simple to use and cost-free to set up. Facebook uses its social network to leverage the Marketplace. Since many Facebook users already have accounts, there is no need to download an additional app. Users can easily set up their accounts to buy or sell using their current balances. People may easily check what is offered on the Marketplace and make simple purchases thanks to this capability. Additionally, it might tempt other marketplaces to take advantage of a sizable new market, potentially luring in new users who had previously shunned Facebook.

A large audience of 2.2 billion people and the simplicity of browsing while on Facebook are major benefits for sellers.

Here is how to put your business on Facebook Marketplace:

1. Click the Marketplace icon in your FB News Feed.
2. In the menu, click “Create a new listing.”
3. Within the 3 choices—select what you want to list.
4. Select the category of your service or product, and enter the details of the item you wish to sell, along with its rate, address, and description, on the next page.
5. When done, click “Publish”.

Congratulations! Your goods are now highly discoverable in Facebook Marketplace.

The customer will choose among those who commented on the post on the page. They will look at the Facebook page of the businesses and look for the ones they think are the best. (Thus the emphasis on Images and Albums earlier.) After scanning and looking through the Facebook page of the many candidates for the service, the client will send a private message to the ones they think are the best among the rest!
The format of the pages you would want to join depends on your business. If you offer services you can it can be “The service you provide+The area that is part of the scope areas of where you offer services.” or something like “Nail Technicians + Manhattan Area
If you have a physical store you can it can be “The Business + Area” or something like “Coffee Shops in Brooklyn
A group invitation cannot be sent to a page. You will only be able to apply to join. This is the chance to be intentional and look for the pages that really matter for your business and suits your niche!
We are ready to help you!

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