How To Create Traffic From Quora

traffic from quora

Have you ever thought that it would be good if a platform exists wherein you can gain and give? You can gain new knowledge, learn or even unlearn from other people. And you can also give your expert and right answers to others who are seeking them. Well, if you do not know yet, let me tell you there is one. Quora!

Quora.com is a half social media, half search engine platform where people can give look for answers and give answers at the same time. It is an amazing source for the latest news, memes, wisdom, life hacks and so much more! You can think of it as a pool of diverse and various knowledge from different people from different parts of the world. Quora business account for brands will be their identity, you will answer under the name of your company.

Interested to see how to utilize and leverage this platform and drive traffic from it? What else should you do other than continue reading?

What is Quora?

Have you ever searched a question on Google and no website or video showed up on top but instead a Quora answer is what gave the answer you need? That’s Quora!

If you are not familiar with Quora, it is a semi-social media and semi-search engine type of platform online. It looks like Twitter at first glance after you sign up. It has search bars, and as you scroll, you will see questions related to the topics you chose prior to signing in.

Think of Quora as something like this, imagine a big swimming pool. Now everybody in that swimming pool has food, every single person has different food. And those people want to taste different food and also want to give other people a taste of their food. There is high-quality food and mediocre food, depending on the needs of the people.

The pool is Quora, the people are obviously the people who use quora, and food is the knowledge. Easily said, Quora is the platform where sharing and gaining knowledge happens.

How does it Work?

So how does Quora exactly work in answering and letting people answer questions of each other?

First of all, you will definitely be amazed at how much transparency and the variety of questions people ask in here. There are serious questions and there are asking for facts, asking based on personal experiences and etc.

So as you scroll on what they call “feed” which is very similar to other social media platforms, you will little by little see as you go on the questions the 5 categories that you chose earlier.

You will questions as weird as: Would a dog survive without eating for 49 days?

You will questions as cute as: What is the cutest thing you’ve seen a child do?

You will questions as curious as What are interesting facts about mount Everest climbers?

You will see answers as funny as First of all, why? Why would you do that to a dog? *followed by scientific explanations*

You will see questions as bizarre as: As a police officer, what was the most reasonable reason for committing suicide you’ve encountered?

You can basically ask about anything! Not just about academic-related stuff, but everything!

How To Answer A Question:

There are several ways to answer a question. You can either look for the question intentionally at the search bar, questions that you would specifically want to answer, and share or knowledge or experience. Or the other situation is when you are just scrolling on your feed and then found a question that you want to answer.

With the first one, let’s say for example you typed “best ways to clean white canvas vans” on the search bar. Because you wanted to share a hack you just discovered for yourself, what you can do is click the question. After clicking the question you will see three icons below it, they are answered, follow and request. Click the answer and then a text box will appear for you to type your answer in. Press enter and you are done, you have shared your knowledge to the rest of the Quora users.

With the other one, you bumped into it while scrolling. Now, you will see the same under the question but this time it’s answered, follow and pass. Just click the answer button and you will see a text box, type away your answer and then enter!

How To Create A Question :

If you happen to one day have a question that you think no one can answer or not even Google can give you what you want to hear or see, and you want to know what people from Quora say here is what you need to do:

  • Log in to your Quora business account
  • On your dashboard, click “question” at the top-right corner of your screen
  • A box will appear with tips and options for publicity of the question, setting it public for the best results
  • Start typing your question with “What”, “Why”, “How”
  • After typing your question, choose to enter on the bottom-right part of the box

And there you have it! Wait for people to see and answer your question. Expect an extremely diverse variety of answers because some will be funny, serious, technical and so much more.

The next section will be explained in what way can you use these two features to make traffic and drive them to your website!

Sign Up to Quora For Business

Signing up for a Quora account is as easy as A, B, C! All you need is a Facebook account or a Google Mail and then all you have to do is:

  1. Sing Up to Business Quora
  2. A box will appear that says “Create an Ad Account”
  3. Enter the details needed such as account name and account email
  4. The next box will ask for details of your business such as website URL, business name, location, billing country and etc.
  5. Finish the registration process as needed.

And you’re done, all you have to do is sign in with your business name and email. You can now answer questions on topics you are an expert in or look for answers to your own queries that are relevant to your business.

Use Quora to Create Traffic For Your Business

Leverage the Features of Quora to be able to create traffic.

Create Post

As mentioned above earlier, Quora is a social media account as well. In QUora you can see what is trending, you can see memes, and what is the latest news around the world. You can create text posts, Leverage the chance to create content in Quora by uploading quality content. You can upload your products, promote your services and even incorporate memes in the posts.

Upload content that resonates with your target market. Make sure that you did your target market research so that you know what will spark their interest and boost your engagement with them.  Depending on the demographic or group of audiences you have, make sure to take your time in composing quality content.

Set it in public so that everyone can see and interact with it. Make it fun and interesting, mainly for your target market but try to cater to as many as you can.

Answer Questions

This is the main dish! In answering questions such as the people, keep in mind that you are answering under your brand. You are speaking for your brand, as your brand, is one with your business. In answering the questions, there are things you need to consider. In order to provide answers that will benefit your business your answer has to be:

Be Interesting

Every single question can be answered by anyone. This a question that is public, and many people can answer. Your answer should be interesting. In answering questions, you must study the surroundings. For example, the one who posted the question, look at their profile. Are they young? gen z? millennial? boomer? Next is to assess the type of question they have. Are they serious? are they genuinely curious? Or just looking to have a good laugh.

After looking at their profile, you must have even a pinch of idea on how to make your answer interesting for them and stand out among all the numerous answers the question will have. For example, you found that their question is genuinely curious and they are young professionals. You have to know or research what sparks the interest of young pros.


For example, you can use their work as a hook and spark their interest. You can start your answer with a sentence that sounds like this “You hate Mondays, I know, cause me too.” this is the first sentence to answer the question of a young professional working adult. Sparks for sure! *Make sure that the interest-sparked sentence is in line with the question.*

Many of those who will answer will start to answer the question immediately as that is what’s the point. But what sets the answer to your business apart? It gives answers in form of tangible things or helpful services. Let’s use the example from above.

Let’s say you are a spa business, and the question is “what is the best pain relief patch for body pain” you can answer  “You hate Mondays, I know, cause me too. So thank God it’s Friday! But thank God more because we have a discount for you. We will give you a full0body massage package for as low as $something. Let us know if you are interested! Visit our website at *insert URL* See you!” or something that sounds like that.”

Be Funny

Quora is a pool of not only knowledge and answers from different people but also memes and funny posts. Being funny is one of the best reasons why a lot of business accounts get a huge following. Here is an example, a meme was posted saying that when the best friend of a girl died, the dead girl told her to change her lipstick shade because it looks crusty and does not suit her. And retouch her foundation and blend her contour, basically, it’s a meme that the dead girl tells her best friend to fix her makeup because the foundation doesn’t match and all in all the makeup sucks.


Let’s say you are a funeral service business. You can comment on that post and say something like “Oh no! They did you wrong. Say no more baby girl, we got you! In Three Angel Funeral Services, our makeup artist is high-quality. The wide shade range of foundation, perfect shade of lipstick for you, well-blended contour, and omg your eyelashes! We also use MAC FIX PLUS to set your base even just in case you cry your makeup will not smudge. Send us a dm, whoever is interested. We will give out discounts! Limited offer.” This will even look funnier when they see your picture which should be the logo of your company and they see the elements in it, imagine them gagging and replying to the skull emoji in your comment on the post.

The people might not really be able to avail the services you are offering since they are all alive and kicking, if they find your answer or comment funny it may result in follows which leads to a bigger network which means more prospects.

Being funny will come naturally if you know where to insert your punchlines and jokes. Keep in mind that it is still aligned with the identity of the company and the needs of the people.

Smooth Plug

Of course, you have to plug your website or business but do it smoothly. For example, you should never forget to mention in the comments or answers your business or website but keep in mind that you should be careful and not sound desperate. Take a look at these two answers and then see the difference between a plug that is not smooth and a plug that is seamless.


Question: Why doesn’t my lip tint last long, but on others it does?

Relevance: Your business is a cosmetic business

Smooth Plug: It sucks, right? (interest sparked) Some chemicals are asdfghjkasdfghjk (make sure you give out facts and answers as to why and how some lip tints last long to others and not to some). If still have more questions you can visit our website *insert URL* (do not put a business name for it is already seen and obvious.) We have lip tints with formulations that will surely work for you, suit your skin tone, with a wide shade range, and are lightweight. Hope this helped

Over Plug: It sucks, right? (interest sparked) Some chemicals are asdfghjkasdfghjk (make sure you give out facts and answers as to why and how some lip tints last long to others and not to some). If still have more questions you can visit our website *insert URL* because at Sparkle Cosmetics Co. we offer cosmetics that are amazing for you. (do not put a business name for it is already seen and obvious.) We have lip tints with formulations that will surely work for you, suit your skin tone, with a wide shade range, and are lightweight. Hope this answer from Sparkle Cosmetics Co helped you.

Business Identity

Do not forget to always incorporate your identity in every answer or comment. Because it helps you add to the authority of your company and it also gives out the thought that “this is a business” to regular users so they know how to interact.

In integrating the identity of your business in answering or commenting and posting, you should never:

  • Overuse the name of the business
  • Stuff keywords
  • Be repetitive or redundant

Instead, it should be:

  • Clear answers that are actually helpful
  • Straight to the point
  • Based on Facts and not opinion

Structure Formula

This is an excellent formula to use when answering questions in Quora, for optimized and organization purposes:

Interest Sparker+Actual Answer to the question+Smooth Plug=Excellent Answer 

Interest Sparker

The first sentence will make the reader or the person who posted the question notice your answer. This is extremely important because this will serve as the PULL TOOL for the to continue reading and finally reach the business promotion. Make sure that your interest sparked is still connected to the question, do not be misaligned, and be all over the place. Be creative but also be cautious of where this first sentence will take you.

Actual Answer

Of course, this is the main purpose why the people who post questions do it, to get an actual helpful real, and reliable answer. There are many search engines, especially Google where they can get the answer they might need, but there is a reason why they chose to enter their query in Quora. As a business owner, you should always answer this one in a sense where it shows your expertise in the business. Like in the example above, about cosmetics. You should mention something about chemicals, formulation, acidity, reaction and etc. This adds to the credibility of the business for everyone who will be able to read your answer or comment. But do not try to sound technical and intimidating, instead, do your best to explain to the searcher the answer in a way that they can understand easily.

Smooth Plug

This part of the answer is where you will insert your business website URL, make sure it is shortened and optimized. Direct them to the home [age or you can also direct them to a  page of your website that you think suits them the best depending on their needs.

Discover Spaces

A more recent tool called Quora Spaces lets you build groups and arrange materials about certain interests. It’s comparable to Facebook Groups, but with the distinction that not every member of the Space can add anything. This feature is extremely similar to making groups with the same interest. You can enter and join spaces on quora, and pick spaces that are related to your business in order to be able to maximize this feature. Interact and work on building your network.

No Private Messages for Business Accounts

Here me out on this one! YOu might think that it’s better to have a private message on the platform. But what if it’s actually an excellent help to not have it? In quora, the goal for the business is to drive traffic to business sites aside from answering questions under your company name.

So how is this a good thing? It’s because when an individual needs something from your business they have no choice but to go directly to your website which can lead to sales and other good things especially if the website is optimized for conversion. This is a good thing because the traffic will be directed straight to the website.

Needs of Invidiuals -> Website = Website Traffic 

When the users find themselves needing more information or are highly interested in products, their only way is to click the URL provided and visit the website. This gives the traffic a path that traffics are supposed to cross in order to visit the website. There will be no options such as messaging in the platform but instead directed to the website.

Search Bar

You might ask after all the tips, “how can I find the posts you are talking about that are related to y business?” Well, the easiest answer is the search bar! This is your key to finding the posts and questions that you must be ending with for your business!

This feature of the search bar will be your tool to see whatever you are looking for. For example, you think someone might have already asked the question you have in mind since you think it is a pretty generic question. For example, if your question is “Which is better, Asus or Vivo” Then you will just go to the search bar at the top center of your dashboard and type the question and enter it.

When the question appears, just click it and view the answer of the people to see the result of the answer of the majority. If the question does not appear, you can now create a question to have answers.

To use this feature for your business, here is what you can do:

  1. Type relevant keywords on the search bar related to your business
  2. Choose questions that you can answer that might be relevant to your business
  3. For example, your business is shoe-cleaning wipes
  4. The query you searched and found on the search bar is “How to clean white canvas vans
  5. Answer the question and  incorporate your business

“White canvas vans are extremely hard to clean. Usually, it takes a lot of effort and sometimes you do not get optimal results. You will need to use a lot of materials such as baking soda, white toothpaste, sunlight and etc. But I have the perfect remedy for you, this is good because you can bring this anywhere, just a few swipes, and you are done. Excellence Shoe Wipes is the answer to your problem. To know more about this product, just send me a private message or visit our website *insert shortened optimized URL*”


When you have a Quora account for business there are things you need to do to be able to maximize

Do Keyword Research

As mentioned that this platform is also a search engine, which means that keywords matter extremely here. Because how will you find a post relevant to your business and interact with questions that resonate with it if you do not know how what keywords to use in looking for them?

Read this article right here about keywords and everything you need to know in order to be able to do keyword research, build a keyword list, and leverage your Quora business account.

Utilize Your URLs

In incorporating your business, leverage the links or URLs of your business website. Aside from when an individual clicked this and is brought to the business website. Make sure it is shortened to avoid making it look intimidating and like a virus that can damage devices. And so that the individuals may know exactly what the website is about or cone and know whether they are in to click it if it aligns with them or not.

Refresh From Time to Time

Quora is a great source of what’s in and what’s trending which you can leverage by interacting through commenting. Make sure that you interact with trending posts in a way that is relevant to your business. In every action, you will perform in this account make sure that everything is relevant to your business.

From words, sentences, jargon, content and etc make sure it is all about your business resonating and attending while promoting the answers. Because it embodies the identity of your company and is an obvious representation of it.

Quora is an excellent platform to get traffic from and help your business grow. Because you can target them and specifically create traffic for your website here. This is a combined social media and search engine which makes it a good tool for businesses. Leverage the question-and-answer feature of this platform in order to be able to cater to audiences that are possibly your future customers.


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